ComEd substation converted into lofts in Edgewater

substationnorthlofts copy.jpg
We mentioned recently that loft developments are spreading north, south and west of traditional loft neighborhoods such as the West Loop and the South Loop. Here’s the latest offering, Substation North Lofts, in Edgewater, a conversion of a former ComEd substation.

The 10 lofts at Substation North, 1128 W Ardmore Ave, are priced from the $290s to the $490s, with parking included in the price. They appear to be one- to three-bedroom duplexes with private porches and ceiling heights up to 18 feet.

Just stop and think about that: $500,000 for a loft in Edgewater. Presumably that is for the three-bedroom unit (there’s only one). Think there will be many takers? Features include hardwood floors, steel beams, designer lighting, maple cabinets, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and marble baths with Kohler tubs.


  • Hayley 12 years

    For $500K, I could find a place not sandwiched between a cruddy Broadway hi-rise & the El tracks… and one with better features, to boot. Granite/stainless/marble is hardly a standout finish package these days. Have you seen the corrugated shed they parked on top of the Ardmore-fronting wing? If you’re going to duplex up, it’d be nice if you at least tried to make it harmonious with the rest of the building…

  • NSH 12 years

    500K is only going to cover your heat bill in this place

  • I’d say it’ll be one of the few bright spots in the real estate market. It’s one of the few industrial conversions in Chicago (especially near the lakefront) and it appears to be well done – note to self, go to open house.

  • While the physical location (between the seniors highrise and the “L”) isn’t so nice, I really like what they are doing. Yes, granite/stainless/maple/marble isn’t very standout for options, the spaces themselves are quite nice. I love, love, love that they have retained several aspects of the industrial character of the building. That is what loft living is all about. Quirky-ness abounds!

  • It’ll be great for trainspotters (or elspotters as the case may be).