Sales open at X / O Condos

Despite information to the contrary at X / O Condos Web site, the development opened sales on Saturday. Yo’s truly popped in for a quick look around.

When we arrived it wasn’t particularly busy. There were maybe 10 or 15 people browsing through the sales center. We can report that the model for Lucien Lagrange‘s two-tower design looks even better than the rendering, and it’s evident that a lot of thought has gone into the placement of the recessed balconies, even if we’re not a big fan of how they look on the buildings’ facades.

While I agree with locals that the townhouses at the base of the development appear sterile and bland, overall Yo’s truly thinks the buildings will complement the neighborhood nicely. Lagrange and Kargil Development seem to have thought carefully about how best to position X / O in relation to the historically significant Glessner House Museum and U.S. Soccer House, which is located in a couple of adjacent greystone mansions diagonally opposite the X / O site. Kargil commissioned landscape architect Ernie Wong to design a landscaped park facing Glessner House at the southern end of the X / O site, and the park provides a neat segue between old and new architecture.

For dirvers taking in the skyline as they head north along Lake Shore Drive, X / O, to the left, should be an effective counterpoint to Soldier Field, to the right.


  • Stoeks 11 years

    Do you prefer the hairbrush effect that cantilevering 100 balconies has on a building’s facade? Not only does it look better to recess balconies, it is more costly, meaning the developer has invested in the appearance of these recessed balconies…

  • the urban politician 11 years

    10-15 people on opening day? That’s pretty sad. I was expecting a lot more than that considering all of the marketing

  • Anon 11 years

    Well we don’t know at what time and for how long they went.

    Furthermore, this weekend’s event was the “VIP” opening – the actual public opening will be this week.

  • irishpirate 11 years

    They are interesting buildings. I hope they get built. Too much bland crap was built in this city in recent years.

    It will be interesting to see how they do in this market……which seems to be stuck on wait……

  • alison 11 years

    There were only 10 to 15 people when I was there – I didn’t say 10 to 15 overall. It didn’t seem to be a VIP thing – just an event for anyone who had registered on the Web site.

  • Erm 11 years

    Garbage design that does not fit the street address. The payoffs and dirty politics that went on to approve this project are sickening. Thanks to the Alderman for the campaign donations from Frankel & Giles, Kargil, etc. The other risk of this project is they will not build both towers right away. What if they never sell enough for the second? Then the project looks worse…This project is a dog and will not sell…for reference, see 1629 S. Prairie with 135 units still for sale…and the X/O project is $100K more, with cheap floor plans. As well, you can not upgrade in the lower floors….ha ha ha

  • Keith 11 years

    I talked to my realtor on Friday and she told me that one of the sales agents at X/O told her that they had already sold 50% of their units (they had a VIP sales session on Thursday/Friday). Who knows if she exaggerated this number at all, but even if exaggerated, I am leaning towards believing that they have sold quite a few units so far.

  • Erm 11 years

    Won’t get built – Talk to many realtors who say the floor plans and price are rediculous, not a good buy, and investors will get stuck holding the bag if they are intending on flipping. Ass well, the lake views will be blocked by proposed towers that will go up over the tracks in 2-3 years. The Townhomes design is hideous and has not been approved by the Prairie District Neighborhood Alliance yet…when Alderman Haithcock gets her money taking ass voted out of office, this project will be doomed.