A block from Roscoe Village, killer-priced new 3 and 4-bedrooms

Noah Properties may well be the hottest-selling developer on Chicago’s North Side. Its detailed-to-the-max single-family homes and condos have been selling almost as quickly as they’re completed.

At 2431 W Belmont Ave, a block from the popular Roscoe Village neighborhood, Noah is building 3 6-flat condos with 3- and 4-bedroom, 2-bath units that include garage parking.

Less than two years ago Noah sold similar condos two blocks away on Belmont in the $390s. These units start at $259,900, parking included, for a 1,500 square foot 3-bedroom, 2-bath single-floor home. Delivery of the units is expected to begin in late May and early June.

Anticipating very strong demand for the units, Sergio & BanksBeata Gaska and Sam Banks give an on-site overview of the development in this sponsored video.


  • rusty reed 6 years

    I’d be VERY skeptical about purchasing anything built by “Noah Properties.” They recently changed their name from Ultimate Homes because of an atrocious BBB rating and constant customer complaints. Can’t say i’m surprised. Their office 773-202-9819 won’t take phone calls. Bart the owner doesn’t return messages. There are plenty of great builders out there, no need to waste time on this one.

    • rusty reed,

      Readers should be much more skeptical about buying any comment from a phony-named source with a fictitious email address who misrepresents what anyone can plainly see at the BBB.

      The BBB reports that all of the complaints except one were resolved, and the company made a good-faith effort to resolve that complaint.

      If you want anyone to take you seriously, cite some facts instead of making them up, and have the decency to disclose your identity and your agenda.