A bloody great deal in the West Loop

Old poster for VB1224, 1224 W Van Buren St, Chicago

“Bloody great deal” is the attention-grabbing headline at the new Web site for the relaunched Van Buren Lofts, 1224 W Van Buren.

One has to hope the headline is summoning memories of the West Loop‘s meat-market past rather than portents of the escalating gunfire that typically heralds the approach of summer in Chicago.

We first began writing about Van Buren Lofts back in 2004 when it was known as VB1224, tempting me to refer to it as the seven-year ouch! I’ll resist that temptation, and simply link to our dozens of posts on the project.

And I won’t suggest, as some might, that this project adds to a growing list of recent @properties fizzles – including Mondial and Silver Tower.

A while back Mark Boyer, who is now running Curbed’s must-visit Chicago site, suggested the above photo might represent the “youthful exuberance” of owners, but it might also have anticipated one of the resale prices at the project.

Today’s focus should be on the positives for home buyers. New ownership and a new marketing team are in place, and prices have been substantially cut. Read the details in this Van Buren Lofts news release.


  • Mark Boyer 7 years

    Wow. I could’ve sworn I rode my bike past there a few weeks ago and saw a “sold out” sign at Racine & Van Buren.