A classic corner-lot single-family in Lincoln Park

The 1200 block of Lill in Lincoln Park / DePaul is a quiet, secluded location that’s just a few blocks from the Fullerton El stop. At the end of the block is Supera Park, a hub for neighborhood gatherings that’s generally packed with children. There’s a Starbucks across the street from the park and popular eateries all around.

The 5-bedroom, 3 ½ bath single-family home at 1249 W Lill Ave is on a wide corner-lot enabling a classic center-entrance layout for a newer home that’s beautifully detailed and crafted. It’s priced at just under $2M.

Coldwell Banker’s Joe Siciliano and Brian Guzman are our tour hosts in this sponsored video.


  • That is arguably the most diverse block in the city as to housing stock.

    The south side of the block has an alley. The north side of the street has no alley and the homes have tiny driveways.

    Prewar bungalows with dormers contrast with post war tiny ranches with dormers. Old brick two flats contrast with newer construction with siding or some type of stucco like material.

    The park sits across the street from a 3 story yellow brick apartment building.

    I recommend a google street view search.

    It’s a pretentious architectural critic’s/social critic’s dream block for commentary.

  • IrishPirate,

    Not like you to be wordy – isn’t “pretentious architectural critic” redundant?

  • To answer your question in a pithy way: