A first look at Halsted Flats’ pool deck, terrace and dog run

The pool deck and landscaped terrace at Halsted Flats, 3740 N Halsted, were nearing completion late last week and should open soon for the season if the weather cooperates.

If you take a walk around when you’re visiting Halsted Flats you’ll probably be surprised by the sheer scale of the area: it’s a far larger outdoor space than you’ll find at much larger apartment complexes.

Residents won’t have to rush or queue or squeeze elbow-to-elbow to land a space in the sun.

The deck and pool are adjacent to some of Halsted Flats’ other amenities: a resident lounge, a demonstration kitchen and a fitness center.

Some residents will be able to enjoy private terraces adjacent to the public deck and walk-out access to the pool.

A third-floor 3-bedroom, 3- bath with a large private terrace is currently available for $4,829. Floor-to-ceiling windows look out on the terrace and it’s accessible from the unit’s living room and two of its three bedrooms.

The dog run is currently open on the roof of Halsted Flats’ northern wing, and it’s serving up terrific skyline views.

The 269-unit Halsted Flats is the first full-amenity high-rise to be built in Lakeview in nearly three decades. Studio, 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments are available from $1,752 a month.


  • East Lakeviewer 4 years

    I must admit the dog park looks nothing like the rendering that Halsted Flats promised! In the rendering there was grass or turf and seating. This picture looks like an abandoned lot on top of a building. During the hot summer when the rocks are hot I don’t see how a dog is supposed to use the bathroom. Not to mention it just look very unattractive any other time. This space is really going to be unused now and become an ever worse eye sore then it already is. Oh by the way I am a current resident who was promised it would look like the rendering. So, I have seen the space first hand.