A report from another discontented resident at Flats No. 5411

Less than two weeks ago we were shown around Flats Chicago’s 5411 N Winthrop by a dissatisfied resident.

Yesterday another disgruntled resident at Flats Chicago’s 5411 N Winthrop reached out by email to share the following experiences, which I’ve rephrased slightly without changing the substance:

  • Torrential downpours in my bathroom (no exaggeration – multiple points on the ceiling from which water is pouring, not a couple drips here and there);
  • Appliances (stove, oven) that didn’t work for a while;
  • A large shoddily attached mirror that fell off and shattered, rendering it impossible for me to walk shoeless in my own apartment to this day as I cannot get the tiny shards of glass out of the “hardwood-like” floors;
  • Windows and heating units so shoddily installed / constructed that my CommEd bill for 16 days was $135 for 483 square feet (I am only home for 5 hours per night and leave the heat at 58 degrees the majority of the time);
  • Trash backed up past my floor’s chute for 3 consecutive days without a response to my inquiry as to where I could manually take out the trash;
  • Wi-Fi service so inconsistent as to be non-existent.
  • The last time it rained in my bathroom at about 9 pm, they told me that they had spoken repeatedly with maintenance and no one would be available until the morning. They called me back three times, each time claiming they had tried to get maintenance to come out but no one was available. I was told, in effect, to wait until morning to use the toilet. I spoke to maintenance the next morning. No one had called them.

    That life preserver in the lobby (pictured, above) might come in handy one of these days.

    If you’ve had experience with Flats Chicago, write a review at Yelp. I’m looking forward to the wildly (and suspiciously) positive Yelp reviews that inevitably follow our reporting anything negative about a company.

    Added 4/17: As expected, the first Yelp review of Flats appeared yesterday. It was from screen name Andrew J, writing his first-ever Yelp review:

    These apartments are bea-u-tiful! I was skeptical based on all other reviews that I’ve seen whizzing around the internet, but after being in the space, and seeing the product with my own eyes, I was blown away. There is a washer and dryer in every unit (even studios); a state-of-the-art gym; the entryways are decorated to perfection; and the hallways are pumped with a “signature” scent. Pretty cool. The prices are a bit high, but it is well worth it. Your buying a lifestyle, and to me, that’s priceless.

    Does anyone believe a disinterested renter wrote that?


  • Ant 5 years

    I am not really looking to stand up for flats as I have never been in their buildings but it really seems like you have it out to get them…why are you so focused on them? There are so many far worse buildings in our neighborhood. It just seems a bit weird to me.

    • I don’t think I could have been more clear in previous posts and comments: this company has engaged in a level of hype that I’ve rarely seen in many years around this business, and has repeatedly failed to deliver on the schedules it’s touted.

      Other media have regurgitated the hype without comment, and I’m providing some balance.

      • John 5 years

        I’m a freelance writer and it also seems weird to me that you’ve taken such a negative angle towards this group. I looked at their units last week on Kenmore and I thought they were really nice…just way too small for me based on my budget. This reporting surely doesn’t add balance in my opinion. In fact, it seems very one sided.

  • Wait!! This is one of my neighbors on the second floor (I won’t say her unit #) and she lives like a TOTAL hoarder…stuff thrown everywhere! Mattress on the kitchen/living floor and all….

  • John and Z posted from the same IP address and both have fictional email addresses – reason to believe they’re the same lying individual.

    On whose behalf are these comments being made?

  • Joe Schmo 5 years

    I’ve inquired about one of these units and management is very careless, and pay no attention to detail. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have angry tenants or a law suit coming their way.