A reverse comp-killer in Prospect Heights?

Arlington Lakes Golf Course, Arlington Heights IL

A newly-listed 2,220 square foot, 3-bedroom, 3-bath ranch home at 509 Grego Ct in Prospect Heights is priced at $725,000.

Huh? $725,000? I’m unfamiliar with values in this part of Prospect Heights, but can’t see anything about this slab-on-grade home that even remotely justifies the price.

Perhaps the value is obscured by the listing photos, and perhaps the value is in what the listing describes as “a majestic view all the way to Rob Roy golf course.” That view would, of course, include busy Camp McDonald Road.

Anyone willing to forgo the majestic view can find far larger, newer homes with more amenities for hundreds of thousands less in the immediate area.

Will we soon see “drastic price cut” added to the billing for this home?

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