A visit to the West Loop development deadpool

Five years ago yesterday we were reporting that Thrush Companies was planning an 8-story mixed-use building with 155 1- to 3-bedroom loft-style condos at Madison and Racine in the West Loop.

The property went into foreclosure in August of 2009, was acquired by an affiliate of MB Financial Bank a year later, and remains vacant land.

The site is immediately east of mod Apartments, which was originally planned as a condo development of two 5-story buildings. Only one was completed, and it transitioned to rental apartments in March of 2009.

In the following video, shot in October of 2007, I chatted with developer George Thrush about his history of pioneering Chicago neighborhoods. George was just about to turn 80 at the time, and was still active in development. The Thrush Companies is now a resident of the developer deadpool.


  • CaptainVideo 6 years

    “and remains vacant land.”

    Perhaps the time is now ripe for someone to restart this project up as a rental apartment. The same is true for the second Mod building.

  • David 6 years

    It’s sad to see that half-block stretch around Mod struggling. The pizza business (Mod Pizza) that had gone into the retail space there failed spectacularly and as far as I know, nothing has replaced it. It’s a bit depressing, especially given that most of the neighborhood (at least further east) is doing well.

  • STARCHY 6 years

    hmmm… floundering residential developments.
    yep, sounds like a great time to build some more!!