A West Loop grocery glut?

With the recent opening of a Mariano’s at 40 S Halsted St, residents of the near West Loop have ready walking access to four major grocers.

The choices include a Dominick’s at 1 N Halsted St, a WalMart Neighborhood Market at Presidential Towers and what’s probably the city’s nicest Jewel, at 370 N Desplaines St.

The Dominick’s has received a number of negative reviews at Yelp, while the Jewel and WalMart have typically garnered positive ones.

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  • Bob 5 years

    Don’t forget the various ‘open to the public’ meat wholesalers as well, though those draw from a larger geographic area.

  • SheridanB 5 years

    Four is hardly a glut…

  • SheridanB,

    Mariano’s apparently agrees with you, based on their opening.