A wine and cheese party at the new 3130 N Lake Shore Drive

The high-rise apartment building at 3130 N Lake Shore Dr has been undergoing a substantial makeover during the past year – a new lobby, apartment upgrades, a new fitness center and business center and more.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the number of resident parties. Join Planned Property‘s Dan McDonough in the video for a look at the changes, a peek at the party scene, and some words about wine trends.


  • Shantel McCoy 5 years

    Full disclosure please. Be open and honest about the management of this building or do not report on it at all.



    • Shantel,

      You’re the one who needs to be open and honest – you’re linking to old news that’s not relevant to current conditions.

      The building’s systems have been substantially upgraded since that time. Take a look at the equipment panel that’s visible in the lobby.