A "wow" in Uptown: New single-family living, steps from Lincoln Park

Joe Zekas doesn’t throw praise around willy-nilly, so when I hear him refer to the new construction single-family home at 707 W Gordon Terrace as “a wow,” I take it to mean he really is impressed. As he notes in the opening minute of this video, it’s hard to find new construction single-families close to Lincoln Park (as in the park, not the neighborhood), which makes this four-bedroom / 3.5-bath home even more uncommon. Here, Sergio & Banks agents Tina Culver and Melanie Giglio introduce him to the location and show him around the home’s living room, kitchen, and back deck.


  • Alan 9 years

    interesting buildings. i would have liked to see more density or bulk/height considering they (the two sf homes) are pinned between two high rises and a parking garage

  • Alan 9 years

    Just watched the video…I’m also not a fan of the powder room door right as you enter the living room from the front door.

  • Alan,

    The building to the west is a 5-story, not a high-rise. I’ve just uploaded a photo of the exterior to Flickr to clarify this.

    There’s a wide variety in the ensity on the block.

    As to the powder room, the alternative would be to have it open off the dining area. Would you prefer that?

  • I’d like to add some context to my “wow.”

    I’ve been in many far more lavish and costly homes, both here and around the country, over the years.

    For its price ($1.675M) this home was unusually well-detailed and creatively and tastefully lit.It was a real standout at the price point, even when the price is adjusted for location. I’ve seen many $2.5M homes that were not as well done.

    I’d limit my “wow” to the main level, shown in the video above. You’ll see the other levels in later videos, and they’re also well and thoughtfully done but not as outstanding as this.

  • the urban politician 9 years

    Does this site not have alleys?

    Just wondering since the exterior is definitely less than a “wow”, especially with the front loading garages.

  • No alleys.