YoChicago advertising and video

YoChicago’s mission: Leverage search to attract the attention of every Chicago apartment hunter, earn their trust, and make it quick and easy for them to find their best apartment without using a rental service.

Providing a venue that features only trustworthy brands is a critical element of YoChicago’s value proposition to renters. We do not accept advertising from rental services or from properties that, in our judgment, lack a commitment to providing renters a positive experience.

YoChicago’s approved advertisers support our mission by sponsoring our objective, informative, credibly promotional, visually rich editorial content and video. Advertisers benefit from the credibility of YoChicago’s trusted content and its support by a growing community of trustworthy advertisers.

Our audience
We focus our content to target only active apartment hunters and make no effort to reach a broader audience.  

YoChicago.com’s audience ranges seasonally between 70,000 and 110,000 unique visitors each month. More than 70% of visitors are new each month and find YoChicago via search engines.

We have additional audience reach through our presence on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Flickr.