Blog on YoChicago

Blog on YoChicago

When you want to get the word out – to the public and to your associates, YoChicago will craft a sponsored post with your message – one time or on an ongoing basis.

For those who are looking to start a blog for their Chicagoland real estate business, and want access to a venue with a built-in audience, YoChicago will supplement your efforts with our posts and video that reach a wider audience.

YoChicago will monitor your original post content and include posts that conform to our blog guidelines into our YoChicago feature page or links to your content on our Chicagoland real estate news page.

YoChicago is also open to guest bloggers, though guest bloggers must be approved and adhere to our strict editorial guidelines.

Learn more about our blogging and online media comprehensive program pricing (pdf).

To learn more, send us a message through our form at the right or call Chuck Gekas at 312-280-9780 x104.