Alderman puts hold on Rogers Park development

7525 N Wolcott Ave

Don’t worry: This garish rendering (inspired by MS Paint, maybe?) isn’t going anywhere soon. After a community meeting Monday night, Ald. Joe Moore (49th) placed an indefinite hold on the 23-unit condo development planned for 7525 N Wolcott Ave.

In an email to constituents (forwarded to us by a tipster – thanks Brian!), Moore described his decision. “I decided to put the project on hold when the developer, Dan Schwegel, refused to guarantee he would develop the project as proposed if he received the requested zoning change. Without that assurance, I will not support a zoning change for the property.”

According to the 49th Ward Web site, the parcel is currently zoned to allow a maximum of 16 residential units; the developer is requesting a zoning change to allow for 23 homes.


  • This reminds me of the former Adelphi Theater proety located at 7070-78 N. Clark Street (Clark and Estes in Rogers Park).

    Joe Moore promised that the teardown of the Adelphi Theater was for a large condo development, but we were left with an unsecure hole in the ground for years after.

    Joe Moore should do background checks on these campaign contribitors / developers BEFORE so heartily backing them.

  • Jill 10 years

    the morse hell hole covered this with some interesting comments

  • Alan 10 years

    No joke, MS Paint.

  • A Police record check, a background check, an interview with references and a credit check of all developers, investors and contractors will do a lot to insure that projects like this are completed, and in a timely manner.

    Did anybody see the special on MSNBC Undercover about the contractors without licenses or insurance?

    Incomplete projects happen all the time to people who do not properly research and prepare for new projects.

  • Bill Morton

    And how do you propose to do all that in a legal fashion? Your developer’s going to sign the necessary releases to enable you to do this?

    Just curious – what’s the relevance of the checks on investors and how do you propose to find out who they are?

    This is unrealistic advice you’re providing. There are better ways to protect yourself and more relevant research. And no, I’m not going to do the work for you.

  • Joe Zekas

    Yes, the Alderman should request that the developer sign the necessary releases to do proper credit and background checks before giving his endorsement to new projects.

    If the developer needs assistance with a zoning change from the Alderman, which is quite common, it should not be unrealistic to expect an assurance that the funding is solid and all parties are legitimate.

  • Bill Morton,

    What you’re proposing bears no relation to the real world of real estate development – and it’s outrageous. We have a series of laws in place – aldermen shouldn’t be allowed to impose their own additional requirements. That’s a major part of the ongoing problem in this city with zoning.

    No alderman should ever be given access to anyone’s personal credit report. Ever. Under any circumstances.

    Have you given any serious thought at all to the implications of what you’re proposing? A pack of rabid shakedown artists shoud be handed personal credit reports that are completely irrelevant to the issues at hand?

    I won’t even begin to explain to you that the funding for a development is almost never in place – it’s often impossible – prior to a zoning grant.

    There are far better and more rational ways to accomplish your objectives. Learn a bit about the real estate business – or check out how other cities deal with this situation.

  • Joe Zekas

    To quote you out of context,

    “Our rookies have yet to learn that people want to know exactly where a project is, and that they want more precision in the description. They will learn”.

  • Bill Morton,

    Out of context and completely irrelevant.

    I’m still waiting for you to tell us why ex-cons and pre-cons (alderthugs and their staff) should be given access to the personal credit reports of builders, investors and contractors.

  • Joe Zekas

    Your right.