An aerial progress report on the CHA’s Plan for Transformation

Crain’s Chicago Business has a report on the impact of the market downturn on the redevelopment of Chicago Housing Authority projects pursuant to what Crain’s refers to as its “so-called Plan for Transformation.” The Crain’s headline tells the story: “Real estate collapse cripples CHA plan to mix homeowners, renters.”

Crain’s snarky reference notwithstanding, CHA high-rise projects have been vastly transformed – what else would you call total demolition of buildings and displacement of thousands of people?

Our visual progress report on the CHA’s efforts includes aerial shots of the former sites of Cabrini-Green, above, and Rockwell Gardens and Stateway Gardens, respectively, below.

You can see more aerial views of Chicago from our recent helicopter tour in YoChicago’s album at Flickr.


  • CaptainVideo 6 years

    The destruction of this public housing without prompt replacement of the new housing was probably a major responsible for the city’s decrease in population.

    Until most of the vacant areas have been rebuilt, no additional public housing should be torn down or vacated.

  • CaptainVideo 6 years

    Correction of second line above:

    of the new housing was probably a major factor responsible for the city’s

  • CaptainVideo,

    Two seconds with Google surfaces evidence contrary to your point – but that two seconds needn’t have been spent if you consider the scale of the city’s 200k population loss vs the CHA’s population and the fact that demolition began in the 90s.

  • pedro 6 years

    CaptainVideo is partially correct. The CHA plan for transformation eliminated 25000 public housing units of which maybe 1/3 have been replace. In addtion, the CHA’s current occupancy rate is 80%.

    Joe is partially correct, demolition began in like 1999, though most of the demolition was in the 2000s. If you talk to those in the know, it is assumed that close 50,000 of population loss is due to the Plan for Transformaion

  • pedro,

    Enlighten us on the identity of “those in the know.”

    The 50,000 loss from the city statement doesn’t square with any public information.

  • pedro 6 years

    The CHA, 25,000 units are gone. 20% of current units are vacant.

  • CaptainVideo 6 years

    Apparently the CHA gets the same subsidy per apartment whether it is occupied or vacant. If the objective is to provide low income people with housing so that they will not be homeless, this is highly counterproductive.