And now Wheeling's on the North Shore

What part of “shore” don’t people understand? We’ve heard from the Northbrooks, and even the Skokies, braying their “North Shore” location. Sure.

Today’s mail brought a piece from a hotel chain trumpeting the opening of the Westin North Shore. According to the Web site it’s “just sixteen miles north of O’Hare International Airport in the prestigious North Shore district, The Westin Chicago North Shore blends downtown style and elegance with the convenience of a full-service hotel.”

It’s on Milwaukee Avenue, in Wheeling, about 9 miles from the nearest point on the North Shore. Hey, Westin – from a Starwood Gold customer – it’s hard to trust anything else you say when you make such a whacked claim about your hotel’s location.

And, you might want to note that MapQuest (on your site) puts you 3 1/4 miles closer to O’Hare.

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