Apartments Management Group racks up negative reviews at Yelp

It’s not unusual for property management companies to receive negative reviews at Yelp.

Apartments Management Group, a successor to Beal Properties, stands out for the near-unanimity of its negative reviews. Yelpers who claim to have rented from the company have panned it in great detail.

A five-star reviewer amusingly reports being “always so beyond well taken care of” where she lives.

It is an old building, and there are problems. The water stops working sometimes, the elevator breaks down on occasion, things like that.

My fridge stopped working, I had a new one the next day.

My pipes were clogged and there was standing water in the bathtub, and the building manager sent her husband to fix it the next day.

When there was a problem with homeless people sleeping on the 5th floor, she paid attention, caught the person, and had them arrested.

When a tenant let their dog pee on the floor, she had signs put up about pet maintenance in the building.

My list could really go on and on.

There are often signs in the lobby complaining of stolen packages. Here is the thing: yes, if you live here and have packages get sent here, they will probably be stolen. There is not a working camera in the lobby, and they won’t do anything for you to help you recover the package.

If you’re working with one of Chicago’s rental services to find an apartment, you should always learn the name of the management company or property owner and do some research before filling out an application. A landlord’s reputation is just one of the things that rental services often don’t want you to know.


  • Tina Rotter 5 years

    Joe… thanks for your informative articles. Have you ever researched the property management companies.. those that will quote a low fee to get hired and then start finding things that need to be done in a condo, i.e., they hire “their” vendors, get a cut and the association is suddenly paying higher assessments and higher fees to the “management”… A version of condo “jail”… I would be interested in any research you may have done on this topic, and referral as to who besides IDFPR would investigate this activity… thanks

  • Tina,

    There are obviously condo management companies that are unethical and others that are highly professional and strictly ethical.

    I’ve occasionally reported on some of the questionable companies in the condo management business. Condo boards need to be very careful about who they hire, given the practices you cite and the history of several management companies having stolen reserve funds.

    There are, as you no doubt know, condo boards that shop for the lowest management fees and ask the management firm to provide a higher level of service than they bargained for. Professional companies carefully spell out the level of service they will provide and disclose when they will charge an add-on cost to provide other services. Those add-ons might be expressed as a percentage of a contract that they oversee with an outside vendor.

    There’s nothing wrong with a management company taking a cut from a vendor as long as that practice was disclosed and approved of in advance for services / repairs / etc that are legitimately needed.

    IDFPR doesn’t have the resources to do investigations of its own accord or to respond effectively to consumer complaints that required extensive investigation. There are condo management companies that don’t have the requisite licenses, and people should report any they encounter to IDFPR.

    Anyone who thinks their condo manager might be involved in illicit kickbacks from vendors or a fraudulent scheme to involve vendors in unnecessary work should consult the State’s Attorney’s office.

  • AndersonvillePete 5 years

    I’ve noticed a lot of these “property management” companies popping up. Do property managers have to be licensed in the state of IL?

  • In Illinois, property management firms need a broker license to lease property they don’t own. If they’re managing condo associations they need a community association manager license.

  • Joseph 5 years


    I wanted to personally thank you for a great New Years. All your negative blog postings only made me more money and more relevant to everyone out there.. I have always been an admired of MADONNA.. She always said Bad Publicity is Good Publicity.. You have only made me more relevant in real estate. Thank you and keep up your negativity.. The more negativity you give me the more money I make.

  • Joseph,

    You’re as inept at trolling as you doubtless are at whatever you do that doesn’t earn you a decent living.

  • JudyM 5 years

    This company uses bait and switch practices – AVOID! They showed my daughter one apartment and said it was identical to the one she would rent – brand new, gleaming hardwood floors vs. splintered, stained, OLD hardwood | view of quiet tree-lined street vs. view of brick wall | strong flowing hot water vs. hot water trickle + dripping, stained shower, running toilet + clogged drains. No requested repairs were completed.

    Daughter’s doctor recommended she move for health reasons and Apartments Management Group asked for a letter from doctor, saying they will “see what they can do” about helping with the EXORBITANT cost of lease buyout for a DUMP they lied to her about. STILL they did nothing except TAKE OUR MONEY.