Aqua sees its first closing

Aqua, 225 N Columbus Dr, ChicagoThe title says it all. According to Magellan Development‘s Aqua Home Owner‘s blog, the first closing at Aqua, 225 N Columbus Dr, is scheduled for 1 p.m. today. Surely that’s good news for the folks Joe Zekas talked to in the video below.

Drywall installation at the tower has progressed to the 74th floor of the 82-story tower, and units are completely finished through the 56th floor, according to the blog.

Magellan currently lists 11 homes for sale at Aqua, all located on the tower’s 58th through 81st floors:

  • Four one-bedrooms priced from the $370s to $690s
  • Four two-bedrooms priced from the $730s to $810s
  • Two three-bedrooms priced at $1.03 million and $1.24 million
  • One four-bedroom priced at $1.98 million

Magellan also directs readers to a recent Financial Times article about — of all things — Aqua’s bird-friendly nature.


  • A. Winston 10 years

    How about you check out the comments on Magellan and the Aqua, Townhomes, and Lakeshore East on Yelp and They sales people are outright liars, and you can be these are paid shills talking here. Caveat emptor. We’re suing them, by the way.

  • A.Winston,

    At the moment, you’re the one with the credibility problem.

    Do some more reading here. We’ve checked those sites re Magellan. Nothing solid.

    If you’re suing, that’s a matter of public record. Give us a case cite and we’ll check it out.

    In the meantime, you can’t see straight: I interviewed the people in this video, and others, at random from a group of 100s of home buyers. They’re actual buyers, and very satisfied.