BackYard Andersonville townhome model open Sunday

BackYard Andersonville, 23 new townhomes at 4832 N Clark St in Ravenswood, will host its first model opening Sunday, November 17 from noon to 4.

The two-story homes range in size from 1,710 square foot 2-bedroom plus office, 2-bath units to 2,280 square foot 3-bedroom plus media / office room, 2 ½ baths. Phase I of the project is 75% sold and remaining units are priced from $429,900 to $599,900. All of the homes have attached garages and private yards that are larger than typical townhome yards.

First occupancies are slated for mid-December.

You can meet the development team and gain an overview of the project in the following video:

Note: CMK Realty, which is in charge of sales for the project, is one of our advertising sponsors.


  • The use of the Andersonville neighborhood name, even with the addendum of “backyard” is egregious here. Almost a half mile to the neighborhood this location is so solidly Uptown I can’t believe they are doing this.

  • We’ve had this discussion multiple times before.

    For starters, this is a part of Uptown that everyone has long called Ravenswood. You’re decades out of date in calling this “solidly Uptown.” Note that I referred to it as Ravenswood in my post.

    On the same block as this project you have the Andersonville Guesthouse and Ceres’ Table, recipient of Michelin Bib Gourmand recognition. Just north of that you have the Bongo Room, which bills itself as being in Andersonville.

    Check the Yelp reviews I’ve linked, and you’ll find a number of disinterested people referring to Ceres and Bongo as being in Andersonville.

    If enough people consider this Andersonville, guess what? It becomes part of Andersonville. That’s the way Chicago neighborhood names work.

    I don’t consider this to be Andersonville – yet. But, if the only two choices I had were Andersonville and “solidly Uptown,” neighborhood characteristics would push me toward choosing Andersonville.

    • Guest 5 years

      Agreed. There are “Andersonville” street identifiers up and down Clark street around this development. At this point, the neighborhood seems to cover anything within walking distance of Clark between Lawrence to the south and Ridge to the north. Give it a few years and it’ll extent south to Wilson and north to Devon.

  • tone 5 years

    It’s Andersonville, part of which is in the Uptown and Edgewater community areas.

  • Mike 5 years

    Say whatever you want. It’s not in Andersonville. Period.

  • chris 5 years

    Agree with Mike, this is definately not Andersonville. I live 2 blocks away, and this block is nexus of nothing. You are staring at a cemetary, and have a solid 8-10 minute walk to get into anything resembling Andersonville.

    • tone 5 years

      Wow, an 8 minute walk. How portly are you?

  • tone 5 years

    It would take me no more than 5 minutes to get to Hopleaf from here.

  • Ina 4 years

    You’re only trying to name it Andersonville, because you know the hype of this neighborhood. And you know that people are most likely to click on the link when they see “Andersonville” in the title. This is a straight out lie and misleading to people not familiar with neighborhoods. Uptown, Ravenswood, and Edgewater are not Andersonville. There is a reason why each of this areas is called differently.

    • Ya gotta love cowardly anonymice who come here and call me and Yelp reviewers and local businesses, etc. liars.

      Since you appear to be almost completely illiterate as well as ignorant, let me spell this out for you: that is the name of the development. I didn’t name it.