Basecamp River North row-homes come to market

CMK Realty and Ranquist Development have quietly begun marketing Basecamp River North, 47 2-story row-homes on a square block at 450 W Oak St on the Near North Side.

According to Chicago Real Estate Daily the 3- and 4-bedroom row-homes will range in size from 2,100 to 3,400 square feet. The homes will have roof decks and 2-car garages and will be priced from $549,900 to $849,900.

As you can see from the shots I took at the site on Monday, the homes will have panoramic views of the city skyline. The best row-home skyline views in the city?

You can see multiple additional views of the site at our previous post on the project, and you can sign up for additional information as it becomes available at the Basecamp River North website.

Note: CMK is one of our advertisers.


  • bubs 4 years

    Link to Basecamp River North website goes to wrong website.

  • Papu 4 years

    Any updates on the status of the public housing adjacent to this?

  • No news. The units closest to this project are boarded up, and have been for a while.

  • Papu 4 years

    The floor plans are great. I hope the city makes a decision on the row homes soon. I remember the same discussion when 825 North Hudson was being marketed.

  • Claire 4 years

    Which is the assigned elementary school in this area?

    • It’s so easy to find that information that you should be embarrassed to post a comment requesting it.

      • Claire 4 years

        Ok sounds great

      • Papu 4 years

        That’s a pretty condescending answer Joe. Isn’t the point of this website to blog on real estate news and let people discuss openly?

        Some may think that yochicago has a self interest in this matter to not mention that Jenner Elementary school, is assigned to this area. For those that do not know the area, that is not an ideal school and some may think that Ogden is the school assigned (which is a very desirable elementary school).

        You are basically reporting news on behalf of companies who advertise on your site and now you get ornery when someone asks a very relevant question?

  • Papu,

    I get ornery when anonymous commenters with phony email addresses want to waste my time by asking for information they can easily check on their own.

    Anyone who cares about public schools should be verifying attendance boundaries with the CPS School Locator.

    There’s no agenda in not mentioning Jenner, which anyone can see is right next to the site. I rarely mention elementary schools in posts.

  • Openmama312 4 years

    I understand from area resident meetings that 20% of these townhomes have been set aside for CHA residents. Is this accurate?

    • I don’t believe that’s the case, but I’ll check and report back.

      Added: According to CMK Realty, all of the 47 townhomes are being sold at market rates. None of them are set aside for the CHA.