Bringing sexy back on Broadway

Uptown Broadway Buildinig

Salvation Army's Uptown Center

While we’re on the subject of Uptown buildings, we recently noticed sexy black netting on two classic Uptown buildings under renovation. The wildly ornate Uptown Broadway building, which appears to be nearing the end of its rehab at Leland and Broadway, and the Salvation Army’s Uptown Center, at Sunnyside and Broadway.


  • Sexy black netting?

    Pearce is showing his age!

  • huh 10 years

    who will pay for the big $$$ homes down the road???

    How bad will it get in the USA?

    Consider these comments from Princeton University economist Alan Blinder, who recently attended the business summit at Davos, Switzerland: (summarized by Rep. Ron Paul)

    “Word has it that there may be plans yet again to “outsource” highly skilled American jobs to other countries. Approximately 40-million American jobs could be at stake and yet US workers have not been told or consulted about it, until now. Just to put the number of 40 million into perspective, that is more than twice the amount of people that are employed in manufacturing. (According to Alan Blinder) The ‘choice’ jobs of skilled Americans could be lost and given to foreign countries within the next decade or two.”

    40 million high-paying US jobs will be outsourced to lower-wage countries within the decade?!?

  • More likely that Ron Paul will be outsourced.

    Does the man have any credibility? This is the equivalent of quoting The Onion.

  • Why require when I can lie? 10 years

    The Uptown Broadway building was rehabbed (sort of) by a company named Preservation Chicago in the late 80’s.

    I have a friend who had an office there, and I am ashamed to say that I ended up crashing there for a few weeks. So I know the building well.

    It was built by Capone, and there used to be a speakeasy in the basement. When I was there, the basement was an abandoned beauty parlor with no windows and very garish purple paint job.

    A bar would still probably be the best use of the basement space — someone could probably get a lot of mileage out of the Capone/speakeasy connection.

    There was also a scary medical clinic in one of the above ground spaces.

    The building has a couple of problems, though. The main one is that the trains run so close to the back of the building that things literally shake inside. My computer (an old pre-Dell PC’s Limited 286) used to reboot every now and then when trains passed.

    It’s got a funky shape, too — the South end of it comes down to a point, which is impractical.

    But it’s a beautiful place.

    There used to be a bar in the neighborhood — I think it was called Sherri’s Hillbilly Haven. And I remember coming out of the Uptown Broadway one night, and getting accosted by a hillbilly with a baseball bat who asked me if I was ready to fight for white people in the coming race war. He was a very scary guy.

    And there was a bum on the block who used to hold his arms out and run down the street, through traffic — he called it “flying”. He was famous for going up to people and shouting, “Give me 10 dollars!” No beating around the bush for that guy. He was a big too, and pretty intimidating.

    But balancing all of that off was a place that sold some of the best spring rolls I ever had, for $1.50. I wish I had some now.

  • Jane 10 years

    Sounds like a great place to live, and in such a lovely neighborhood. They’ll have no problem at all selling $350,000 condos!