Bypass 1,000s of Craigslist apartment spam ads with a single click

by Joe Zekas on 7/1/14

Chicago’s rental services promise to make your apartment search swift and painless. To encourage you to use their services they attempt to make your Craigslist search time-consuming and painful.

We’ve singled out the 10 worst Craigslist apartment ad spammers and find it difficult to understand why anyone would work with a company that’s so flagrantly disrespectful of their prospective customers.

Start your Craigslist apartment search by clicking YoChicago’s Craigslist spam reducer and you’ll eliminate more than 10,000 ads from the top six spammers on our list.

You’ll find almost all of the properties in Craigslist spam ads (and a lot more) on YoChicago’s at-a-glance apartment lists. We also offer detailed reviews of major apartment buildings from the South Loop to Lakeview, along with narrated video tours of many of them.

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