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Heart of Chicago is part of the Lower West Side, which is Community Area 31 on the the city's official list of 77.

Heart of Chicago is bounded by Blue Island Ave north to 16th St, and Ashland Ave (1600 W) west to Western Ave (2400 W) in ZIP code 60608.

Parts of Heart of Chicago - especially the part east of Damen Ave (2000 W) are often referred to as being in the Pilsen neighborhood.

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This morning Koenig & Strey agents posted new, lower prices for eight new-construction condos at Oakley Pointe, a new 21-unit building at 2520 S Oakley Ave in the Heart of Chicago / Heart of Italy area. A one-bedroom / one-bath, shown at bottom left, was once listed in the $190s and is now priced at ...

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Posted by Joseph Askins on July 12, 2010