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Norwood Park is one of the city's official 77 Community Areas - number 10.

The northern half of Norwood Park is bounded on the south by Bryn Mawr Ave (5600 N) and the Kennedy Expy and on the north by Devon Ave (6400 N) and the city limits. The east - west boundaries of this area are Austin Ave (6000 W) and Canfield Ave. This portion is what is commonly known today as Norwood Park. It includes the neighborhood known as Old Norwood Park.

The southern half of Norwood Park is bounded approximately on the south by Gunnison St (4832 N) east of Harlem Ave (7200 W) and Foster Ave (5200 N) west of Harlem. Its east - west boundaries are Nagle Ave (6432 W) and Cumberland Ave (8400 W).The southern portion of Norwood Park includes the Big Oaks, Oriole Park and Union Ridge neighborhoods.

ZIP codes: 60631, 60656, 60630.

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