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Ranch Triangle is part of the Lincoln Park neighborhood, and is often considered and referred to as part of the DePaul area.

The neighborhood boundaries are North Ave (1600 N) to Armitage Ave (2000 N), Halsted St (800 W) to Clybourn Ave and Racine Ave (1200 W). Thus the area's name: R(acine), A(rmitage), N(orth), C(lybourn) and H(alsted).

ZIP code: 60614.

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John Baird’s role in saving the DePaul neighborhood

John Baird

The death of Baird & Warner‘s John Baird at the age of 98 is rightfully receiving a great deal of attention in both local and national real estate circles. You can learn some of Mr Baird’s accomplishments, and a bit about his impact on Chicago, in the Tribune, Sun-Times and Chicago Real Estate Daily obituaries. ...

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Posted by Joe Zekas on December 31, 2013
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Maud Street and Adams Park, 30 years later

Adams Park, Chicago

Back in the early 1980s I bought two lots in the 1800 block of Maud St, not far from Adams Parkin the Ranch Triangle area of Lincoln Park. At the time, the park was largely deserted and had only sparse playground equipment. I bought my lots for $10,000 apiece from a guy who’d acquired them ...

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Posted by Joe Zekas on August 3, 2012
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Are high-end Lincoln Park homes in high demand?

1703 N Dayton Chicago

I stopped by the Ranch Triangle neighborhood in Lincoln Park on Wednesday to photograph 1703 N Dayton in preparation for a blog post. The home is currently listed for sale at $4.5 million. We’d previously written about the site three years ago when it was in foreclosure, along with other properties by developer Seth Harris. ...

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Roy’s Furniture fire kindles memories

The tragic fire at Roy’s Furniture, which has been much in the news, took me back to the late 1970s. I bought two six-flats in the 1800 block of Halsted from Roy Warner, with plans to convert them to 3-flat condo buildings. I rehabbed and converted one but sold the other, due to the depressed ...

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Neighborhoods for the rest of us: RANCH Triangle in Lincoln Park

Being a relative newcomer to the city, I assumed the RANCH Triangle got its name from some long-gone, pre-fire cattle corral, or maybe from a hidden street or two filled with low-profile, single-story houses. Nope: It’s just the part of Lincoln Park bounded by Racine, Armitage, North, and Clybourn avenues, and Halsted Street… R-A-N-C-H. RANCH ...

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