Chicago’s best Loop / New East Side apartments, a recap

Chicago’s Loop includes the area known as the New East Side, which in turn includes the Lakeshore East development. You’ll find all of your major apartment options in the Loop and New East Side on our at-a-glance list of downtown apartments.

Our goal is to help you find the apartment that best fits your needs. Renters simply have so many differing priorities – and budget constraints – that singling out an overall best building would be a pointless exercise. We’ve identified the Loop / New East Side buildings that rank highest on each of eighteen different criteria in three main groups:


  • Views. North Harbor Tower, Coast, Aqua, Millennium Park Plaza and Columbus Plaza
  • Grocery shopping convenience. Aqua, North Harbor Tower, The Shoreham and The Tides
  • Public transit access. Millennium Park Plaza and 215 West
  • Close to parks, beach. Coast, Aqua, North Harbor Tower, The Shoreham, The Tides and Millennium Park Plaza
  • Proximity to the expressway grid. 200 Squared, Fisher Building
  • Walking distance to the Loop. No selection
  • Most dining, nightlife nearby. 200 Squared
  • Retail shopping. 73 East Lake, MDA City Apartments and Millennium Park Plaza
  • Building features

  • Affordability. Fisher Building, MDA City Apartments and Randolph Tower
  • Amenities package. Aqua and Randolph Tower
  • Boutique ambiance. MDA City Apartments and Randolph Tower
  • Pet-friendliness. The Shoreham and The Tides
  • Apartment features

  • Apartment finishes and features. Selection deferred
  • Private outdoor space. Aqua
  • Studio / convertible floor plan. Coast, The Shoreham and The Tides
  • One-bedroom floor plan. North Harbor Tower and 200 Squared
  • Two-bedroom floor plan. North Harbor Tower, Columbus Plaza and 200 Squared
  • Three-bedroom floor plan. North Harbor Tower
  • If you disagree with any of our selections, chime in with a comment on the relevant post.

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