Chicago’s Old Post Office continues to fake no little plans

Credit David Greising at the now-defunct Chicago News Cooperative for the “fake no little plans” take on British developer Bill Davies’ proposals for the Old Post Office.

We’ve previously contrasted Greising’s reality-based approach to the development with the Trib’s Blair Kamin’s taking it somewhat seriously, and suggested the project reeks of BS.

Two days ago the above video surfaced at Vimeo. The video begins by stating the City of Chicago’s population as 9,686,021, and proceeds to outline the proposed development.

The proposal contemplates riverbanks along the Chicago River, 2 million square feet of office space, 12,000 parking spaces, 6.2 million square feet of entertainment, dining and retail space, 7,500 hotel rooms in 4.1 million square feet, 3.8 million square feet of residential space and a 20-acre rooftop garden and park.

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