Church barbeque gives way to Walgreens sushi on Armitage

Back in the day you could count on some of Chicago’s best barbeque outside the Greater Little Rock Church at Armitage and Dayton in the DePaul – Sheffield neighborhood.

The site is slated for development of a 3-story Walgreens, and demolition of the church was far along when I visited yesterday afternoon.

The new store is likely to be patterned after Walgreens new flagship at State and Randolph – not a traditional drugstore but “a retail health and daily living destination” with a sushi bar and more.


  • Buster 6 years

    Any idea why the church, built around 1927 was exempted from this landmarked district? Seems a shame they couldn’t at least re-use it like the bank building Walgreens is repurposing at Damen and Milwaukee.

  • Buster,

    I think all churches are exempt from the landmarking ordinance. First amendment issues and all that.

  • Buster 6 years

    Gotcha. Too bad. Churches, obviously, have some pretty extraordinary architecture.

  • Ed Deline 6 years

    Sad – this building has a lot of history as the epicenter of the Lincoln park gentrification struggle of the 1960s. the Young Lords (gang turned community activist) used this as their HQ, and many a battle with the city’s urban renewal department and the Sheffield Neighbor’s association was held here.

  • ol potatoe head 6 years

    there is no such thing as “architectural preservation” in Chicago.