City sues to abolish the Armitage eyesore

Our local ABC channel is reporting that the city has filed a public nuisance lawsuit aimed at removing the blue sculpture that towers over Armitage Avenue in Lincoln Park. According to the ABC 7 report:

Depending on how you see Big Blue, it is either a gorgeous art object beautifying a wealthy section of Lincoln Park, or it is an obnoxious eyesore dragging down property values. City attorneys have another name for it: a public nuisance – and they have filed suit against the owner to bring it within code. The 30-foot tall object still towers over the front yard at Burling and Armitage, and part of it hangs over the sidewalk.

If you’d rather watch than read:

The city’s next target should be Charlie Trotter’s grotesquely inappropriate canopy and planters.


  • the urban politician 5 years

    The only public nuisance that I am aware of in Lincoln Park is many of the residents of Lincoln Park themselves…

  • Emkays 5 years

    Shouldn’t the property owner be allowed to display his artwork as he wishes? From my understanding, Chicagoans didn’t care for the Chicago Picasso at first either.

  • The property owner in question has his artwork hanging over the city sidewalks and built a fence that didn’t conform to the zoning code.

  • pk 5 years

    Maybe they goofed, but possibly the overhang is intentional. Either way, the owner doesn’t give a F. Lincoln Park needs more residents like this guy who I have met and is very funny.

  • David 5 years

    I think that 8′ brick wall is much worse than the sculpture. It may hang over the sidewalk, but it appears to be tall enough at that point that nobody will bump into it.