Construction checkup – 360 West Hubbard in River North

The 43-story tower at 360 West Hubbard is just coming out of the ground in River North. It won’t be long before it obscures the south-facing views from the Sexton Lofts, 360 W Illinois.

When it’s complete, 360 West Hubbard will include 450 apartments and an extensive 9th-floor amenity level above a 520-car garage. Some of the spaces in the garage are set aside for the East Bank Club, which is directly west on Kingsbury St.


  • Jack 6 years

    This is the fundamental problem in Chicago condo development, I would imagine.

    Person buys condo for nice views. At some point, those views will obscure because someone else will build right in front of you. Happened at 330 W Grand, at the Bristol etc.

    How do you guard against this happening, if at all?

    • Mike 6 years

      Jack, you can’t. The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled multiple times that views are not protected.Therefore, if you live next to a surface lot or a small structure that is zoned for dense development, you very likely will lose your views at some point in the future.

    • You can buy on Lake Shore Drive, in Lincoln Park fronting the park, on Michigan Ave fronting Grant Park, high up in the Trump Tower, and other venues where some of the the views will remain uninterruptible.

  • the urban politician 6 years

    You can also buy on 235 W Van Buren facing south. I highly doubt anyone will ever build on top of the Wacker ramps

  • Fred 6 years

    I don’t know, tup, the guy who bought the Old Post Office has some pretty ridiculous ideas…

  • Fred,

    As long as Bill Davies is chasing unicorns with the Old Post Office property, there’s no risk of anything being built.

    Here’s the view south from 235: