Construction update: Ravenswood Station Mariano’s, Ravenswood Terrace

Ravenswood Station will host a new Mariano’s, LA Fitness and Sears Auto Center on Lawrence Ave in Ravenswood.

The building is closed in, and appears to be nearing completion amid a flurry of activity.

This video tour of a Mariano’s store with pastry chef Sarah Jordan is a good glimpse into why the chain has been generating a lot of buzz.

Just north of Ravenswood Station, construction is proceeding rapidly on the 150-unit Ravenswood Terrace apartments. First occupancies are slated for May of next year. One-bedroom apartments are projected to start at $1,400 and two-bedrooms at $1,800 a month.

Note: Ravenswood Terrace is being developed by an affiliated of Belgravia Group, one of YoChicago’s sponsors.


  • Jeff Cosby 5 years

    Yo DOG. “Appears” ain’t specific enough for my needs. *When* is it opening? Ask your HOMEBOYS affiliated with the Belgravia Group what they know, real polite-like so they say.


  • Jeff,

    Belgravia has no role in the Mariano’s. If you want to know when it’s opening, you can call Mariano’s.

  • Mike 5 years

    Is it just me or does this building look like it’s too small to house a grocery store, health club and auto center? Is this going to be a full-sized Mariano’s?

    • Mike 5 years

      Yes full size – the building is enormous and gigantic.

  • Jeff Cosby 5 years

    What’s their phone number? NAH, I’M PLAYIN’.

    I called them and they did not know. Seriously. I’m way into this place opening. I’m gonna shop there. How often? SPOILER ALERT: all the time.

    What else is going on with you guys?

  • louis 5 years

    In China they build skyscrapers in 7 days. I take the Ravenswood Metra every morning and I’m astounded how slow this is coming along. Is there a hold-up? I’ve looked into the same skeleton of a building for weeks. And as of 6 December is still looks the same. pretty shocking. it’s using federal money too. wow.

    • Louis,

      If you were to get on the ground and get inside I’ll bet you’d see progress.

      The city has contributed TIF funding to this project. I’m unaware of any “federal money.” Doubt that you can name any source of federal funding.

      And no, they don’t build skyscrapers start to finish in China or anywhere else in 7 days.

      After a great deal of off-site work has been done a building’s shell can be bolted together in 7 days, but that’s a far cry from either a finished building or a 7-day construction schedule.

  • Mo 5 years

    I’ve been watching the development’s progress and it’s pretty good! It looks like an opening in February is very possible.