Construction watch – a yellow rat on Clark Street

Members of Chicago Laborers Union Local 6 were out picketing the site of the new Stout Barrel House & Galley at Clark and Erie in River North yesterday afternoon. They reported that Aberdeen Construction, the contractor for the new “chef-driven American comfort food spot,” was using non-union labor in violation of its agreements.

According to a Local 6 member, between 20 and 30 non-union workers are employed on the site at a time when hundreds of Local 6 members are out of work.

I found the yellow rat a refreshing change from the gray variety I typically encounter.


  • jeff 6 years

    I was also admiring that inflatable rat. It’s got wonderful painted detail.Your photo doesn’t do it justice.

  • Here’s a slightly different perspective on the rat, Jeff. Click to enlarge it.

    I’ll have to take a course in wildlife photography.

    Speaking of detail, you can almost see a guy sleeping on the street in the doorway at the bottom edge of the photo.

    The yellow rat is a stock item, along with a greedy pig, a corporate fat cat and a skunk.

  • jeff 6 years

    Interesting link. It appears the Plainfield based manufacturer is a non-union shop.