Deal of the day: free parking at Cityscape Condominiums

Cityscape Condos Rendering

There are deals and then there are deals. Today’s deal of the day isn’t a giveaway but is still a heck of a deal. Cityscape Condominiums, 3901 N Western Ave, is offering up free parking with every one of its 86 units. This is not a limited-time offer. Every one-, two- and three-bedroom unit comes with its own parking space. A parking spot in St. Ben’s isn’t worth the $50,000 it might fetch downtown, but a parking spot in Chicago is a parking spot nonetheless, and worth considering as you weight your options, if it’s included in the price at one project but not another.

And this isn’t just a slab of concrete. Cityscape will have a heated garage, so even in the coldest of winter months, residents will not have to dig their cars out of the snow banks or play the car shuffling game to avoid towing on snow routes. All units have two full bathrooms and a private terrace or balcony, you know, for those months that don’t involve snow and ice. The building will have a energy efficient Hydrotech Green Roof Systems roof, further guaranteeing residents will stay warm in the winter. Units at Cityscape start at the mid-$300s, and construction is slated to be completed in the spring of 2008.

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