Delving into a developer's public records

How can you get the straight dope about the people behind a development? Before you believe everything you read from anonymous commenters, take some time to scour the public record.

Ric Cox of Chicago Condos Online points his readers to two stories in this week’s Skyline about a “deadbeat duo” and the numerous LLCs under which it has operated. Ric offers some simple instructions on how to look up an LLC’s certificate of good standing through the Secretary of State’s Web site. He also explains how to search Cook County Circuit Court dockets and Illinois State Board of Elections contributions records.


  • Jeff 10 years

    He is spot on. I think the Secretary’s website was updated to include at least one officer name.
    One problem is that the developers lawyers are manytimes the one filing the LLC incorporation documents.

  • At any development you visit with more than six units, ask for a copy of the city-mandated Property Report.

    The ordinance pursuant to which the report isi required mandates disclosure of the developers names.

  • Jeff 10 years

    To bad they don’t disclose the less then 14.5% LLC owners or investors and their political day jobs:)