Did an iMove Chicago agent use the C word in a Yelp review?

Jose L recently posted a 5-star Yelp review of iMove Chicago in which he used the C word – twice – to describe a Yelper who had negatively reviewed iMove on July 10 of last year. You can see Jose L’s ugly review in the screen cap, along with his deranged Yelp review of YoChicago. For the record, I haven’t practiced law in more than 20 years, which accounts for my status at ARDC.

YoChicago is ineligible to be reviewed on Yelp. The YoChicago business listing on Yelp was created by agents at another rental service, who then proceeded to post now-deleted lies about us.

ADDED: I’ve just received an email from Yelp. The YoChicago listing has been removed.

Jose L‘s “second favorite website” on his Yelp profile is Rent Smart Chicago, a firm with which a number of iMove Chicago’s agents were previously affiliated. Is Jose L one of them? Is a competitor out to destroy iMove by appearing to be one of its agents?

It may be sheer coincidence but, after our recent post on iMove, we’ve had a flurry of juvenile comments on YoChicago from a troll using such charming email addresses as eatme@aol.com, eatmehole@aol.com, eatme1982@aol.com and eatmyhole@aol.com. We only receive that type of comment when we write about a Chicago rental service. All such comments, needless to say, are sent to our trash bin.

Once again, we’ll wonder why any renter or landlord would do business with this company.


  • Dee 5 years

    OMG I am terrified now that I’ve given Imove over $700 and of course after reading your advice.

    I was able to view a place on 3/23/2013 and liked it ok, only to be denied because I had 3 strikes on my credit record which confused me since 2 weeks prior to applying with Imove I was approved in one day by Rockwell Partners for a much more expensive unit than what Imove showed me.

    On 3/24/2013 I received a call from Imove stating the 3 strikes add up to less than $400 and if I bring back the money orders I was rudely handed back they would try to work with me, now at 1st I was grateful to even receive the call (I have to be out by 3/31/2013 !!) but now I’m feeling scared.

    Anyway, I took the money orders back and then was told I have to pay 1 or 2 of the debts to even be considered, I wish I could just get my money back and be done with them all together the rep I’m working with talks to me like he’s my father or something and I’m trying really hard to control my temper.


    I read somewhere on your site that the 1st month rent these agencies request is actually the reps commission, what do I do now to get my money back? I signed a paper that says I will ONLY be given a full refund if I am rejected? Should I ignore the reps request to pay the past debts to get rejected or pay the past debt and wait?

    • Dee,

      You need to talk to an attorney.

      There’s no way anyone can offer intelligent advice without exploring all the facts with you – and that can’t be done in this kind of a forum.