Did Coast cheap out on its apartment finishes?

I haven’t visited the new Coast rental tower yet, but I’ve been hearing negative feedback about the apartment finishes from people in the industry.

“Terrible,” was the one-word summary from the manager of a nearby apartment high-rise.

A real estate broker active in the rental market had this to say: “They cut every cost they could. It’s like walking through a college dorm.”

If Coast’s recent announcement of a record-setting leasing pace is accurate, the quality of the finishes wouldn’t appear to be weighing heavily with renters.


  • Pedro 5 years

    It’s an apartment building, they typically don’t have the best finishes.

  • Taylor 5 years

    The kitchen cabinets in the model are already chipping (I have a picture) and the kitchen sink is laughable. Their balconies are great and the higher ceiling is appreciated but in terms of kitchen finishes you can definitely tell it’s not up to par to any of the other new product. It will be interesting to see what they do with those cabinets on turns.

  • Clive 5 years

    What a sad gimmick to steer people towards K2.

    • Clive,

      What an ill-informed and lame comment. But hey, when you have nothing substantive to offer, just take a cheap shot.

      K2 is in an entirely different sub-market than Coast. I doubt that there are very many renters choosing between the two.