Do Uber drivers out-earn new leasing agents?

Chicago’s rental services trawl for new recruits with promises of flexible hours, independence and “unlimited earnings potential.”

The Uber ride-sharing pitch for new drivers is similar, but suggests earnings of “$20 per hour and potentially more!”

If Uber drivers actually approach that earnings number, they’ll out-earn the great majority of new recruits to the rental service business, many of whom wash out without having netted the minimum wage.

There are many reasons apart from realistic earning potential for a person to choose becoming a leasing agent over driving for Uber. One reason might be that Uber has more demanding requirements for drivers than many Chicago rental services have for new agents.

Uber requires Chicago-area drivers to be at least 23, while rental services will take 18-year olds. Uber conducts a state, county and federal criminal background check. Many rental services perform only a fog-the-mirror check. Uber’s ads require knowledge of the city. Rental service recruiting ads almost never require any knowledge of anything.

Uber pays drivers weekly by direct deposit. Some rental services have been known to stiff agents on commissions for months – and longer.


  • DC 4 years

    Hi Joe,

    I’m moving to Chicago this summer, so I check your site daily for tips on buildings, neighborhoods, etc. The at-a-glance lists are stellar, and I’ve been enjoying the “best of” segment for each of the neighborhoods so far. You’ve also thoroughly convinced me not to use rental services, primarily through the do-not-call list.

    My question, though, is why do you so incessantly write posts poking fun at these disingenuous, if not illegal, services? I think we get your point. Lately it seems that there are posts every day talking about how poor these services are, and how only idiots would work for or employ these folks. To be blunt, it’s getting annoyingly repetitive. I find myself facing some disappointment when I check your site daily looking for tips about Chicago real estate and instead find posts comparing rental services to taxi services…

    Otherwise, if you do actually have a moment to read this comment, I just want to say thanks for putting out such useful, helpful information, and I look forward to hearing your reasoning. Cheers

    • DC,

      Thanks for visiting and for your thoughtful comment.

      According to Google Analytics you’re an atypical visitor. The majority of our visitors come to us via search, spend some time on what interests them, and don’t visit again. Other visitors arrive at our home page, scan what’s there, read a post or two or visit some of our features, and also don’t return.

      In brief, our content is directed to renters and buyers who are typically not repeat readers here. At this time of year it’s important, I feel, to get out the message about Chicago’s rental services to an audience that’s all too often fooled into working with them.

      I can understand why you view some of our content as annoyingly repetitive. There is a rationale for it.

  • DC 4 years

    That’s certainly reasonable. Thanks for your response!