Dustbunny of the day: Park Kingsbury Lofts

Park Kingsbury Luxury Lofts, 678 N Kingsbury St, Chicago

Pay no attention to the dilapidated signs outside, or the disconnected sales center phone line, or the expired URL, or the fact that Jameson has pulled every listing from the MLS and all mention of the development from its own Web site. Because according to the broker, the Park Kingsbury Luxury Lofts, 678 N Kingsbury St in River North, is still a go.

As of last September, 20 of the 27 lofts were still available at Park Kingsbury from the $470s to $1.57 million. The homes were to have two or three bedrooms, two to four bathrooms, and 1,190 to 3,109 square feet of living space. The word out of Jameson this week was that several buyers are interested in combining units or buying in bulk, but I couldn’t milk any details beyond that.

At last check, developer Cataldo / Marovitz Group hoped to have several units ready for delivery by the end of 2009.


  • Anon1 10 years

    At least they didn’t tear it down for that tower that probably wouldn’t have been built.

  • Disagree, would have rather seen that tower empty than this building empty and grimy looking on a daily basis…At least they are building on the vacant lot across the street, but PLEASE PUT SOME RETAIL IN THIS SECTION OF THE WORLD

  • Anon1 10 years

    Patience – the building will eventually be converted to condos and fixed. If they couldn’t sell enough units to finance converting this building then they wouldn’t have been able to finance that tower. Meaning we’d be stuck with an empty lot and a beautiful building destroyed.

  • Your definition of beautiful and mine are different…Nothing too spectacular about the Ronsley building

  • Anon1 10 years

    I guess so. It’s a lovely loft building that contrasts nicely with Erie and Kingsbury on the Park. A mediocre Lucien Lagrange tower wouldn’t do much for me.

  • Jon e 6 years

    Well it’s 2013 and it probably hasn’t changed since the post … Still looks like garbage. I wonder what’s going on with the 7 that “sold”