Erik's excursions: more Uptown

In the second video of the series, we don’t go beyond what is immediately available at the corner of Broadway and Lawrence Avenues. We see the Green Mill, a bunch of restaurants and the landmark Uptown Theater. The Uptown Theater was recently purchased by Chicago-based JAM productions for $3.23 million, which also owns the Riviera Theater. I was unsure of its state when I shot the video but apparently the Uptown has opened and hosts concerts, weddings, and other events including the recently held “Green Festival.” (Editor’s Note: Actually, that’s the Uptown Theater in Kansas City — ours still isn’t open. Thanks to BWChicago for pointing this out.)


  • BWChicago 9 years

    There is more than one Uptown Theatre in the US. That one, for example, is in Kansas City, MO….

  • Ah ha, of course. I thought it was strange it had renovated so quickly…

  • Brian Ellis 9 years

    I think it’s interesting that it only took 5 years to restore the Uptown in Kansas City, but to restore the much, much nicer Uptown in Chicago it is going on 30 years and it’s still not restored. Come on Chicago!

  • Emil Zysk 9 years

    Really enjoyed the ‘Strolling around in Uptown walking tour. Sure brought back some indelible memories. Was wondering if perhaps a walking tour could be made on Wilson from Broadway….then heading westwards and catching the eatery called: ‘The New Yankee Grill’ by the L bridge, where a scene from the movie: ‘The Package’ with Gene Hackman was filmed there……and where I enjoyed eating my french toast and steak.

    I use to live in the Uptown neighborhood back in the mid 1970’s in one of the hotels just across Truman College….and where they had a bar below called: ‘The Wooden Nickel’ It was personally for me, a love-hate relationship with the neighborhood that had its share of drunks, derelicts and the deranged. Yet it had a rare sublime sense of transparency and honesty about it, that could be admired and appreciated. Perhaps because Uptown was a gateway and entry point for a wide cross section of people coming in from across the country (myself included with only $9 dollars in the pocket)….and immigrants from abroad that created a unique interactive cultural synergism. Indeed alot of things have changed in Uptown since, but God, how I ever loved it so !