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A tipster alerted me this morning that an individual with a lengthy criminal record is applying, using an alias, to work as a leasing agent at some of Chicago’s rental services.

My rental service tipster became suspicious and determined that the individual who’d applied for a leasing agent position was actually Kenneth W. Arron. You can read about his extensive criminal background in this Chicago Tribune article.

Leasing agents are uniquely well positioned to engage in various forms of fraud, including identity theft. When you apply for an apartment, you’re supplying your Social Security Number, Driver’s License, previous addresses, employment history and more.

If you’re applying to rent an apartment in a smaller building, you’re likely to be asked to write checks for the first month’s rent and security deposit. A leasing agent can direct you to make those checks payable in a way that he or she can cash them.

If you’re running a leasing service, you need to verify the identity of your leasing agent applicants and ratchet up the background checks that you perform before allowing them access to apartments. The State of Illinois has a sorry history of issuing real estate licenses to convicted criminals, and you need to be aware of that fact before employing anyone as a leasing agent.

My tipster needs to remain anonymous, but everyone owes him their thanks for taking the time to bring this information to public attention.

Added: 10:20 3/31. I contacted the phone number in the above ad, one of 130 from Kenny Jacobson at The Homestead Group, and asked to speak to Kenneth Arron. The voice on the other end of the line said: “speaking.” When I stated that I was calling on a Craigslist ad under the name of Kenny Jacobson, he responded: “This is Kenny Jacobson.” I asked whether he had always been Kenny Jacobson and he answered that he had been.

A while later I received a return call from Kenneth Arron who fessed up to his deception. He told me he’d been living in a spare room in his parents’ home since he got out of jail and was doing everything possible to live a straight life.

In an amusing side note, Arron began the conversation by asking why I was trying to “ruin his life.”

I’ll spare you the details, which are exactly what you’d expect from a con artist. Needless to say, he didn’t see any conflict between going straight and working under a false identity.

Kenneth Arron stated he’d been employed at The Homestead Group for “a couple of weeks and closed a couple of deals.” He reported that he’s turned in his keys and is no longer employed there.

The Homestead Group verified that he has turned in his keys and is no longer employed.

I expect Arron to turn up at another leasing service under another name.

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State & Chestnut architecture stars in stripes http://yochicago.com/state-chestnut-architecture-stars-in-stripes/38763/ http://yochicago.com/state-chestnut-architecture-stars-in-stripes/38763/#comments Tue, 31 Mar 2015 05:08:19 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38763

Pulitzer prize-winning architect Blair Kamin recently noted a trend in new buildings that he called “sliced minimalism:”

It involves cutting straight slots and meandering ribbons into mirror-smooth surfaces of reflective glass, as if the architect were a surgeon wielding a scalpel.


Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB), the architecture firm responsible for State & Chestnut, the new luxury apartment tower at 845 N State, has designed its share of the slices that Kamin welcomes as a “restrained, but lively, addition to the cityscape …”

SCB incorporated a slice in the north façade of State & Chestnut, and wielded a chisel rather than a scalpel to etch visually arresting vertical elements into the building’s other elevations.

State & Chestnut takes urbane liveliness up several notches inside as well as out, as you can see in the above video visualization of its amenities.

State & Chestnut, on the border between the Gold Coast and River North, is a pet-friendly, smoke-free, full-amenity, luxury community with a range of studio to 2-bedroom apartments.

You can preview State & Chestnut’s apartment finishes and common-area amenities at the leasing center at 873 N Rush St, just around the corner from the building. And, you can lease now for occupancy beginning in June and later months.

When friends ask where you’re moving, just say “the building with the stripes.”

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K2 Apartments begins the countdown to summer fun http://yochicago.com/k2-apartments-begins-the-countdown-to-summer-fun/38772/ http://yochicago.com/k2-apartments-begins-the-countdown-to-summer-fun/38772/#comments Tue, 31 Mar 2015 05:06:01 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38772

K2‘s gateway location in the Fulton River Districts affords residents quick access to the best of the West Loop, River North and River West neighborhoods. As a bonus, Bucktown and Wicker Park are a few stops away on the CTA Blue Line.

K2 residents are beginning the countdown to summer fun at the numerous street fairs and festivals that take place nearby.

The 6th Annual Craft Beer Week is slated to start May 14th and run through May 24. You can get a taste of last year’s event in the above video.

The Randolph Street Market Festival kicks off its summer season of multiple events on Saturday, April 25.

The Taste of Randolph Street, which draws a crowd from throughout Chicagoland, takes place June 19 to 21 this year. Last year’s event is featured in the video that begins this post.

K2 has sleek new apartments with great views, hardwood floors, high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, designer kitchens and baths, and in-unit washer / dryers.

K2 is a full-amenity, high-service, pet-friendly community. You can access studio to 3-bedroom floor plans and near real-time info about available apartments and rents at K2′s website.

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A visit to Club 73 at 73 East Lake apartments http://yochicago.com/a-visit-to-club-73-at-73-east-lake-apartments/38774/ http://yochicago.com/a-visit-to-club-73-at-73-east-lake-apartments/38774/#comments Tue, 31 Mar 2015 05:04:44 +0000 Joe Zekas http://yochicago.com/?p=38774

In an earlier post, we toured the 9th floor amenities at the new 73 East Lake apartment tower in the Loop.

The grand scale of the amenities continues in Club 73 on the building’s 42nd floor.

There’s a grand, high-ceilinged lounge with wide walls of windows, multiple seating areas with flat-screen TVs and a large bar.

Adjacent to the bar is an impressive, party-sized private dining room.

When the weather warms, the sprawling rooftop terrace will have seating, cabanas and a fire pit.

73 East Lake devotes far more space to amenities than any building its size that I’ve seen in Chicago. I’d rate it a must-visit if you’re looking to rent in or near the Loop.

73 East Lake is pet-friendly and has a private dog run. The building has convertible, 1- and 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartments available for immediate occupancy. Floor plans and contact information are available online.

Note: 73 East lake is a YoChicago advertiser.

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A nicely-renovated Logan Square 2-bedroom http://yochicago.com/a-nicely-renovated-logan-square-2-bedroom/38768/ http://yochicago.com/a-nicely-renovated-logan-square-2-bedroom/38768/#comments Tue, 31 Mar 2015 05:02:11 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38768

The 2-bedroom condo at 2040 N Spaulding in Logan Square has been beautifully renovated.

The home has hardwood floors throughout, bright and sunny rooms, and a kitchen with granite counters and stainless steel appliances. The kitchen is open to a separate dining room.

This high-floor first-floor home spans about 1,000 square feet and has access to outdoor living areas.

The home has just been listed for sale at $239,900.

Brian Guzman of @properties is your tour guide in the video, and a knowledgeable guide to the Logan Square neighborhood

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No appointment necessary at most high-rise apartments http://yochicago.com/no-appointment-necessary-at-most-high-rise-apartments/38756/ http://yochicago.com/no-appointment-necessary-at-most-high-rise-apartments/38756/#comments Mon, 30 Mar 2015 05:08:12 +0000 Joe Zekas http://yochicago.com/?p=38756

Chicago rental services would like you to believe that they have an inside track on scheduling showings at Chicago’s apartment towers. They don’t.

The rental services would also like you to believe that they can negotiate a better deal than you’ll get on your own. They can’t. In fact, in almost every case they’ve explicitly contracted with the buildings that they won’t even attempt to negotiate rent or terms.

Almost every Chicago rental high-rise welcomes walk-ins, no appointment necessary during regular office hours. Most of the buildings are open weekends and it’s not uncommon for them to remain open into the early evening several days during the week. The on-site leasing staff are typically very professional and knowledgeable.

Almost all of the buildings have near real-time rent and availability information on their websites. YoChicago’s at-a-glance lists link to reviews of the buildings and to availability checks at the building websites. In just a few minutes you can locate the buildings that meet your criteria, determine whether they have a vacancy that fits your budget and your move-in date, check office hours and plan your visits. Even though no appointment is necessary, it’s a good idea to call or email with any questions you might have before visiting.

If possible, begin thinking about your move several months in advance. The most desirable apartments rent quickly. Identify the buildings and floor plans you’re interested in, and sign up at the building website for an email “availability alert” so that you have the inside track on the best apartments.

YoChicago’s lists include every high-rise in the area, regardless of whether it advertises with us. Almost every rental service will refuse to show you buildings that don’t pay them a commission or pay what they consider a below-market commission. They’ll have two reasons for refusing to show you a building: a good reason (often a lie) and the real reason (nothing in it for them).

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The South Loop’s most conveniently-located apartments http://yochicago.com/the-south-loops-most-conveniently-locate-apartments/38746/ http://yochicago.com/the-south-loops-most-conveniently-locate-apartments/38746/#comments Mon, 30 Mar 2015 05:06:31 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38746

Chicago’s South Loop stretches from Congress Pkwy (500 S) on the north to the Stevenson Expressway on the south – a distance of two miles.

Astoria Tower, 8 E 9th St, has the most convenient overall proximity to the Loop, Grant Park, the CTA Red Line, college and university campuses and the Museum Campus, of any of the South Loop’s apartment communities. As a bonus – or a must-have, depending on your requirements – Astoria Tower is a short walk from dozens of bars and restaurants, and from Trader Joe’s and Jewel.

Floor plans and near real-time rent and availability info for Astoria Tower’s studio, 1- and 2-bedroom apartments can be accessed online.

Astoria Tower, a full-amenity, pet-friendly, luxury apartment community, has on-site leasing and management staff and 24/7 door staff.

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New apartments in a great Chicago neighborhood – downtown Evanston http://yochicago.com/new-apartments-in-a-great-chicago-neighborhood-%e2%80%93-downtown-evanston/38749/ http://yochicago.com/new-apartments-in-a-great-chicago-neighborhood-%e2%80%93-downtown-evanston/38749/#comments Mon, 30 Mar 2015 05:05:27 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38749

If you’re looking for a new luxury apartment in a vibrant urban neighborhood with an easy commute to downtown Chicago, check out E2 Apartments in downtown Evanston.

Evanston is Chicago’s closest-to-downtown North Shore suburb, but it’s not your stereotypical suburb.

Downtown Evanston boasts scores of restaurants and bars, theaters, and pedestrian-friendly streets with an eclectic array of local and national retailers. A seasonal farmers market, Northwestern University’s nearby campus, and street fairs and festivals enhance the experience of living in downtown Evanston.

Trains from Metra’s Davis St station, a short walk from E2, reach downtown Chicago in less than a half-hour. That’s a shorter and less-crowded commute than you’ll have from some of the popular neighborhoods along the CTA Brown Line in the city.

The Purple Line stop at Davis St gets you to and from Cubs games and the Loop.

The amenities and resident services at E2 rival anything you’ll find in the newest Chicago apartment communities, and surpass most.

E2 has a mix of brand new studio to 3-bedroom apartments and townhomes. Floor plans and near real-time availability info can be accessed online.

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Tour a quick-delivery home at Lexington Hills in Palatine http://yochicago.com/tour-a-quick-delivery-home-at-lexington-hills-in-palatine/38753/ http://yochicago.com/tour-a-quick-delivery-home-at-lexington-hills-in-palatine/38753/#comments Mon, 30 Mar 2015 05:03:01 +0000 Joe Zekas http://yochicago.com/?p=38753

Lexington Hills in Palatine has a single townhome available for occupancy this summer. The 3-bedroom, 3 ½ bath home is priced at $434,500.

The Lexington Hills townhomes recently won four Key awards from the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago. Three-bedroom, 2 ½ bath homes are base-priced from $349,990.

The homes have high ceilings, an open layout, a spacious great room, an open-plan kitchen with ample cabinet and counter space, a full finished basement, an attached 2-car garage and a deck or patio that looks out on the gently rolling terrain adjacent to the 1,800-acre Deer Grove Forest Preserve.

Lexington Homes has been building homes that surprise and delight for more than 40 years.

Join YoChicago in the video for a tour of one of the furnished models at Lexington Hills.

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Road rage and rental agent roulette http://yochicago.com/road-rage-and-rental-agent-roulette/38737/ http://yochicago.com/road-rage-and-rental-agent-roulette/38737/#comments Fri, 27 Mar 2015 15:19:44 +0000 Joe Zekas http://yochicago.com/?p=38737

According to an ABC 7 report, Martin Vigil has been charged with misdemeanor assault, leaving the scene of an accident, and criminal damage to property following the incident in the above video.

Vigil is a leasing agent / manager with Chicago Real Estate LLC, one of the rental services on YoChicago’s do-not-call list.

As of yesterday evening Vigil had 162 apartment ads on Craigslist. If you’ve been searching for an apartment along Chicago’s north lakefront, from Lakeview to Rogers Park, you’ve probably read one or more of those ads.

Chicago’s rental service industry also employs individuals convicted of felony drug charges, identity theft, driving under the influence, domestic assault, and more. When you respond to a rental service apartment ad on Craigslist and other venues, you might be assigned to work with an agent who’s been convicted of a serious crime. When you don’t renew your lease, your landlord may give keys to your apartment to a rental service that employs agents with a criminal record.

Don’t gamble with your financial, physical or emotional health when you’re searching for an apartment. Start with YoChicago’s comprehensive at-a-glance apartment lists and best landlords list. If you’re determined to use a broker, work with one of the city’s brand-name, full-service brokerage firms rather than with one that concentrates on rentals.

In the meantime, enjoy the following item from Martin Vigil’s Facebook page.

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Downtown Chicago apartment deals and finds, 3/27/15 http://yochicago.com/downtown-chicago-apartment-deals-and-finds-32715/38726/ http://yochicago.com/downtown-chicago-apartment-deals-and-finds-32715/38726/#comments Fri, 27 Mar 2015 05:08:30 +0000 Joe Zekas http://yochicago.com/?p=38726

The leasing office and four furnished models are now open at Jeff Jack, a new West Loop apartment tower at 601 W Jackson.

JeffJack is offering a month’s free rent on 1- and 2-bedroom apartments.

The new OneEleven apartment tower has spectacular north views over the river, and a 3-bedroom available now for $4,600. Ask about the admin fee waiver that’s available for a limited time.

The West Loop‘s Circa 922,, 922 W Washington, is offering two months free rent on new convertible and 1-bedroom apartments and a month on new 2-bedrooms. The offer applies to leases beginning prior to May 15.

K2 Apartments, 365 N Halsted in the Fulton River District is offering a free month’s rent on select floor plans for leases beginning before April 30.

Astoria Tower, 8 E 9th St in the South Loop is offering a half-month’s free rent and waiver of application and move-in fees on Unit 2901, a 2-bedroom, 2-bath renting at $3,324 a month.

The LEX, 2138 S Indiana in the South Loop, has a 1-bedroom with a den and a private terrace available April 5 for $1,772 a month.

Park Michigan, 1212 S Michigan in the South Loop, has several studio apartments available as low as $1,363 a month.

All offers, of course, are subject to expiration dates.

Pass the word to anyone you know who’s looking for an apartment: YoChicago is the go-to source for information about available deals, discounts and infrequently-available apartments.

Note: This feature includes only YoChicago advertisers.

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New South Loop condos nearing first occupancy http://yochicago.com/new-south-loop-condos-nearing-first-occupancy/38728/ http://yochicago.com/new-south-loop-condos-nearing-first-occupancy/38728/#comments Fri, 27 Mar 2015 05:07:25 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38728

1345 Wabash, the first new condo high-rise built in Chicago in years, is about a month away from welcoming its first occupants to a prime South Loop location.

The 2-bedroom, 2-bath plus den unit pictured in this post is mirrored on opposite sides of the building on floors 4 and 5.

All of the units at 1345 Wabash have 10-foot high ceilings with a concrete finish. In some of the units exposed brushed concrete wall panels approach the quality of a hand-painted mural.

The baths have floating vanities and there’s a walk-in shower in the master bath.

One-bedroom condos at 1345 Wabash start at $228,900 and two-bedrooms at $290,900. The sales and design center is open at 1620 S Michigan Ave. For a limited time, buyers are still able to select from the high-style custom choices on display at the design center.

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Rent an Old Town three-bedroom with a rooftop pool http://yochicago.com/rent-an-old-town-three-bedroom-with-a-rooftop-pool/38732/ http://yochicago.com/rent-an-old-town-three-bedroom-with-a-rooftop-pool/38732/#comments Fri, 27 Mar 2015 05:05:46 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38732

1225 Old Town is showcasing a new furnished model of its 3-bedroom, 2-bath apartments. Available 3-bedrooms start at $4,442 a month.

The apartments have everything on your wish list: wood-look floors in living areas, stylish kitchens and baths, private outdoor space and in-unit washer / dryers.

The upscale Plum Market is in the building, a CTA Red Line stop is just over a block away, and parks and beaches are nearby.

1225′s Wells Street location is on one of the most interesting and pedestrian-friendly strips in all of Chicago. Wells Street boasts a wide variety of restaurants, bars, outdoor cafes, street fairs, destination entertainment venues and one-of-a-kind shops.

1225 Old Town’s amenities suite includes a rooftop pool and sundeck with gas grills, a resident lounge, a business café, a demonstration kitchen, a fully-equipped fitness room, a media room and a rooftop dog run. The building is pet-friendly, smoke-free, and has on-site management, maintenance and leasing staff, and 24/7 door staff.

Near real-time rent and availability information for 1225 Old Town can be accessed on the building’s website.

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Upgraded homes in Streeterville http://yochicago.com/upgraded-homes-in-streeterville/38734/ http://yochicago.com/upgraded-homes-in-streeterville/38734/#comments Fri, 27 Mar 2015 05:03:57 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38734

Atwater, 355 E Ohio in Streeterville, refers to its newly-renovated apartments as “Upgraded Homes.”

When you move to Atwater you’re upgrading to more luxurious finishes, more space, a higher level of service, and a superior location.

Upgraded Home studios start at $1,800, convertibles at $2,209, 1-bedrooms at $2,500 and 2-bedroom, 2-baths at $3,564.

Atwater is a full-amenity, high-service, smoke-free, pet-friendly community in a steps-to-everything Streeterville location. Atwater’s website gives you the ability to check near real-time rents for available studio to 3-bedroom apartments.

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Old Town, River North, Streeterville and Gold Coast apartment deals and finds, 3/26/15 http://yochicago.com/old-town-river-north-streeterville-and-gold-coast-apartment-deals-and-finds-32615/38713/ http://yochicago.com/old-town-river-north-streeterville-and-gold-coast-apartment-deals-and-finds-32615/38713/#comments Thu, 26 Mar 2015 05:08:46 +0000 Joe Zekas http://yochicago.com/?p=38713

Planned Property is offering a month’s free rent on all 2-bedroom apartments at 1000 North LaSalle, a building with a private dog park.

Chestnut Tower is offering a month’s free on vacant two-bedrooms for leases beginning by April 12.

All apartments currently on the market are brand new designer renovations featuring new cabinetry, wood plank flooring throughout, quartz counters, glass tile back splash, oversized stainless steel appliances, deep oversized kitchen sinks and USB receptacles. Chestnut Tower’s rooftop sundeck and grilling stations will open the first week in April.

Atwater, a newer Streeterville building, is renovating apartments and offering select “Upgraded Homes, with studios starting at $1,800, convertibles at $2,209, 1-bedrooms at $2,500 and 2-bedroom, 2-baths at $3,564.

The Lofts at River East, Streeterville’s only rental loft building, has been leasing rapidly for April 1 occupancy, with studios and two-bedrooms being the most popular units. All of the two-bedrooms have been rented for April, but a few are available for the middle and end of May.

Chestnut Place, 850 N State, is offering a month’s free rent on newly-renovated vacant apartments.

The leasing center for State & Chestnut opened recently at 873 N Rush. Early birds can lock up some of the building’s best and best-priced apartments. One-bedrooms are available for mid-June occupancy beginning at $1,960. It’s not too early to lease for August occupancy on the highest floors.

The model apartments and on-site leasing office are now open at North Water, a new 52-story apartment tower at 340 E North Water in Streeterville. North Water is a full-amenity view building with sweeping vistas in every direction. East-facing studios offer great views of the lake and start at $1,799 a month. Studio to 3-bedroom apartments are available for immediate and near-term occupancy.

Hubbard Place, a newer River North high-rise with fabulous amenities, is offering a half-month of free rent on vacant one-bedrooms. One of the apartments is available on a non-pet floor.

1225 Old Town is showcasing a new furnished model of its 3-bedroom, 2-bath apartments. Available 3-bedrooms start at $4,442 a month.

Scott Residences, a new boutique building in Old Town, filled up rapidly and all that’s left for rent are a few one-bedrooms.

All offers, of course, are subject to expiration dates.

Pass the word to anyone you know who’s looking for an apartment: YoChicago is the source for information about available deals, discounts and infrequently-available apartments.

Check in tomorrow for deals and finds in downtown neighborhoods – the Loop, New East Side, West Loop, South Loop, River West and Fulton River District.

Note: This feature includes only YoChicago advertisers.

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Look, lease and save at Lakeview’s Halsted Flats http://yochicago.com/look-lease-and-save-at-lakeviews-halsted-flats/38717/ http://yochicago.com/look-lease-and-save-at-lakeviews-halsted-flats/38717/#comments Thu, 26 Mar 2015 05:06:22 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38717

Two northwest corner one-bedrooms are currently available at the new Halsted Flats luxury high-rise in Lakeview. The units rent at $2,234 and $2,444.

The bedroom has dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides, flooding the space with light. You need to be there to feel the full impact of the windows.

One of the available one-bedrooms has a large balcony, and the other has an even larger private terrace.

Halsted Flats is a pet-friendly, smoke-free, full-amenity luxury apartment community at 3740 N Halsted St. Management, maintenance and leasing staff are on-site, and the building has 24/7 door staff.

Halsted Flats is currently offering a “Look and lease” special. Lease the day of your first tour and the $400 admin fee will be waived.

You’ll find near real-time rent and availability info at the Halsted Flats website.

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The easy way to rent a great Lakeview apartment http://yochicago.com/the-easy-way-to-rent-a-great-lakeview-apartment/38719/ http://yochicago.com/the-easy-way-to-rent-a-great-lakeview-apartment/38719/#comments Thu, 26 Mar 2015 05:04:56 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38719

Reside Living has renovated studio to 3-bedroom apartments in more than a dozen buildings, ranging from vintage walk-ups to contemporary mid- and high-rises in prime Lakeview locations.

Reside on Barry is a 17-story high-rise at one of those great locations, steps from Broadway, with a CVS pharmacy and 7-Eleven at the corner, and a terrific strip of bars, restaurants, shops and theaters just around the corner.

A 2-bedroom is currently available at Reside on Barry for $2,005 a month.

Apartments in the building have hardwood floors and updated kitchens and baths. The stainless steel appliance package includes a dishwasher, built-in microwave and electric range.

The apartments have efficient layouts with little space lost to travel paths, and they have good closet space. An “accent wall program” is a nice touch to make living spaces seem larger and more interesting.

The building has a redesigned lobby, a resident lounge with Wi-Fi, a business center / Internet café, a nicely-equipped fitness room and outdoor entertaining areas, including space for grilling.

There’s also a laundry room and a bike storage area. Parking is available on-site.

The easy way to rent a great Lakeview apartment is to start with a visit to Reside Living.

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Lincoln Park and Lakeview apartment deals and finds, 3/25/15 http://yochicago.com/lincoln-park-and-lakeview-apartment-deals-and-finds-32515/38695/ http://yochicago.com/lincoln-park-and-lakeview-apartment-deals-and-finds-32515/38695/#comments Wed, 25 Mar 2015 05:08:03 +0000 Joe Zekas http://yochicago.com/?p=38695

3838 North Broadway has just undergone a complete renovation and has stylish new studios available from $855 a month.

2756 North Pine Grove is waiving its dog deposit and dog rent and offering $300 off the 1st month’s rent on rehabbed one-bedrooms renting from $1,425 and rehabbed two-bedrooms that start at $1,915.

The popular Yolk restaurant is in the building.

Book an appointment online for any of Planned Property’s River North, Gold Coast, Lincoln Park or Lakeview buildings and receive a $300 credit toward your first month’s rent.

Halsted Flats opened a year ago as the first new full-amenity rental tower built in Lakeview in decades. One-bedrooms start at $1,856.

Halsted Flats is offering a “Look and Lease” special. Agree to lease any currently available studio to 3-bedroom apartment the day of your first tour and the building will waive its $400 admin fee.

Reside on Barry in Lakeview East has a renovated 2-bedroom available with a large living room, granite counters, a dishwasher, good closet space and southern views. The rent: $2,095. The buildings is steps from a CVS pharmacy, a 7-Eleven, restaurants, bars and the Broadway bus.

Eugenie Terrace is Lincoln Park’s only full-amenity luxury rental high-rise.

One of Eugenie Terrace’s infrequently-available townhomes can be leased for early-April occupancy for $4,679 a month. The two-story, 2-bedroom, 2 ½ bath home spans 1,800 square feet. It has a large master suite, a separate dining room, in-unit laundry and private outdoor space. Eugenie Terrace townhomes have full access to the building’s amenities, including the rooftop pool.

All offers, of course, are subject to expiration dates.

Pass the word to anyone you know who’s looking for an apartment: YoChicago is the source for info about available deals, discounts and infrequently-available apartments.

Check in tomorrow for deals and finds in River North, Old Town, the Gold Coast and Streeterville.

Note: This feature includes only YoChicago advertisers.

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Completely-renovated apartments near Loyola’s Rogers Park campus http://yochicago.com/completely-renovated-apartments-near-loyolas-roger-park-campus/38701/ http://yochicago.com/completely-renovated-apartments-near-loyolas-roger-park-campus/38701/#comments Wed, 25 Mar 2015 05:07:51 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38701

1246 West Pratt has a classic façade, but everything inside is new. The building has new elevators, an on-site leasing and management office, a new laundry room and a rooftop fitness room with views of the lake.

1246 Pratt has bright, sunny and stylish studio, 1- and 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartments with bleached hardwood floors, crown moldings, ceiling fans, closets with custom organizers and baths with mirrored make-up cabinets and windows.

Kitchens have 42-inch cabinets, granite counter tops and a stainless steel appliance package with a dishwasher and a gas range.

1246 Pratt has great apartments in a convenient location near shops, restaurants, public transportation, the beach, and Loyola University.

Join YoChicago in the video for a tour of the building, the apartments and the neighborhood.

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West Loop apartment deals about to do a disappearing act http://yochicago.com/west-loop-apartment-deals-about-to-do-a-disappearing-act/38705/ http://yochicago.com/west-loop-apartment-deals-about-to-do-a-disappearing-act/38705/#comments Wed, 25 Mar 2015 05:05:41 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38705

The West Loop‘s Circa 922 is offering deals on the few apartments that remain available at the new high-rise.

For 14-month leases that begin prior to May 15, Circa 922 is offering 2 months’ free rent on studios, a month free on one-bedrooms and one-and-a-half free months on two-bedrooms.

Circa 922 is a full-amenity, pet-friendly, smoke-free community with everything you’ve been looking for: high ceilings, views, upscale finishes, private balconies and in-unit washer / dryers.

A new Whole Foods is slated to open today on Halsted St, a few short blocks from Circa 922.

Visit Circa 922′s website for near real-time info about rents and available studio to 3-bedroom apartments and lofts.

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Riverfront luxury at OneEleven Apartments http://yochicago.com/riverfront-luxury-at-oneeleven-apartments/38710/ http://yochicago.com/riverfront-luxury-at-oneeleven-apartments/38710/#comments Wed, 25 Mar 2015 05:04:49 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38710

When the weather warms up, the residents at the new OneEleven Apartments will have front row 50-yard line seats for the best show in town: the scene along the Chicago River. Better yet, OneEleven’s walk-to-everything location affords residents time to enjoy the show.

The river will soon begin to come alive with a range of watercraft, from jet skis and kayaks to water taxis and boats brimming with tourists.

Late in April the river bridges will perform the first of dozens of dramatic lifts as sailboats travel from their winter quarters to Lake Michigan harbors.

The riverfront tables at Chicago Cut, Fulton’s, Smith & Wollensky and other venues along the Riverwalk will serve up some of Chicago’s best people-watching along with great food and drinks.

As night falls, the great buildings that line the river and lie beyond it change color with the setting sun and put on a dazzling light show.

The grand terrace on the 28th floor of OneEleven is the ideal vantage point for experiencing the ever-morphing magic and wonder of the river.

OneEleven has lavish amenities and luxury studio to 3-bedroom apartments. Floor plans and near real-time rent and availability info can be accessed online. Leasing office staff can be contacted at 773-527-7347.

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K2 Apartments, surrounded by Chicago’s hottest neighborhoods http://yochicago.com/k2-apartments-surrounded-by-chicagos-hottest-neighborhoods/38707/ http://yochicago.com/k2-apartments-surrounded-by-chicagos-hottest-neighborhoods/38707/#comments Wed, 25 Mar 2015 05:02:20 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38707

The Fulton River District, home to Carnivale, Paramount Room, The Dawson, La Scarola, Piccolo Sogno, Emmit’s Irish Pub and a host of other restaurants and bars, is also where you’ll find K2 Apartments.

The Fulton River District is bordered by Chicago’s hottest neighborhoods: the West Loop, River West, River North and the Loop.

K2 has sleek new apartments with hardwood floors, high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, designer kitchens and baths, and in-unit washer / dryers.

For move-ins prior to April 30, K2 is currently offering a month’s free rent on select floor plans.

K2 is a full-amenity, high-service, pet-friendly community. You can access studio to 3-bedroom floor plans and near real-time info about available apartments and rents at K2′s website.

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Chicago rental service deceptions, net rent edition http://yochicago.com/chicago-rental-service-deceptions-net-rent-edition/38677/ http://yochicago.com/chicago-rental-service-deceptions-net-rent-edition/38677/#comments Tue, 24 Mar 2015 05:08:51 +0000 Joe Zekas http://yochicago.com/?p=38677

Advertising a lower rent than what’s actually available in a building is only one of the many ways that Chicago rental services trawl for renters.

Advertising a “net rent” when a building is offering a month or more of free rent is another way to deceive unsophisticated renters into calling or emailing.

The typical free rent offer takes the form of not paying rent during for a period of time, e.g. a month. A “net rent” spreads the free rent over the term of the lease, lowering the amount paid each month.

The Craigslist ad pictured above for a unit at 420 East Ohio is from Jon Zolecki of Chicagoland Property Group, who we’ve previously singled out as a prolific Craigslist apartment ad spammer.

420 East Ohio currently has a 3-bedroom, 3-bath available for $3,970 and is offering a month-and-a-half free rent on that apartment, not the month stated in the ad. If you were to amortize the actual free rent over a 12-month lease, the net rent would be $3,474 a month, as advertised.

If you’re an unsophisticated renter who doesn’t read the fine print and simply responds to the headline price, you might think you qualify to rent the apartment based on the typical building policy that gross income must equal or exceed 36 times monthly rent.

Apartment buildings qualify renters based on the “market rent,” i.e., the rent before amortizing any free rent offers. An income of $125,064 would qualify you for this apartment if the market rent were $3,474. At the actual rent of $3,970, your income would need to be at least $142,920. That’s a 14.2% difference.

If you’re looking to rent in Streeterville, check out our our at-a-glance list of near north apartment buildings. You’ll find all of your available options there, and direct contact with the buildings will get you the straight answers you won’t often get from Chicago rental services.

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New Streeterville studios with spectacular lake views http://yochicago.com/new-streeterville-studios-with-spectacular-lake-views/38683/ http://yochicago.com/new-streeterville-studios-with-spectacular-lake-views/38683/#comments Tue, 24 Mar 2015 05:06:17 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38683

The just-opened North Water apartment tower in Streeterville has a tier of east-facing studios with views of Lake Michigan.

The studios are on the 16th through 45th floors, accommodating a variety of view preferences. Rent ranges upwards from $1,798 a month.

The apartments have hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows and in-unit washer-dryers. Kitchens have quartz countertops, a stainless steel appliance package that includes a gas range, and unusually good cabinet and counter space for a studio.

Oversized baths feature designer fixtures and a vanity with drawers.

North Water studios offer a great vantage point for viewing the Navy Pier fireworks, which begin Saturday May 23 and continue every Wednesday and Saturday through September 5.

North Water is a full-amenity, pet-friendly, high-service luxury apartment tower offering studio to 3-bedroom apartments. Floor plans and near real-time availability info can be accessed at North Water’s website.

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New high-amenity apartments steps from Millennium Park http://yochicago.com/new-high-amenity-apartments-steps-from-millennium-park/38688/ http://yochicago.com/new-high-amenity-apartments-steps-from-millennium-park/38688/#comments Tue, 24 Mar 2015 05:04:15 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38688

73 East Lake, a new luxury apartment tower in the Loop, boasts an amenities package that rivals the offerings in much larger buildings.

The convertible, 1- and 2-bedroom apartments at 73 East Lake also stand out. They’re spacious and have very livable floor plans, designer finishes and built-in desks.

Convertible apartments span 682 to 695 square feet. Kitchens have quartz countertops, an under-mount sink, and a stainless steel appliance package that includes a gas range. The 10A model, pictured, has a large breakfast bar / island open to the living area. All of the apartments have in-unit washer / dryers.

A sliding translucent panel in 10A plan provides privacy for the sleeping area. There’s a walk-in closet in addition to a hall closet.

An oversized bath in the 10A convertible has sophisticated finishes and fixtures.

Available convertibles start at $2,390, one-bedrooms at $2,862 and two-bedroom, two-baths at $3,450. For a limited time, the first month’s rent is free on convertibles, and the first two months are free on one- and two-bedroom apartments.

73 East Lake has a convenient location a half-block from Michigan Avenue, steps from public transportation and the Theater District, and just south of the Riverwalk.

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Free rent at new West Loop apartments http://yochicago.com/free-rent-at-new-west-loop-apartments/38686/ http://yochicago.com/free-rent-at-new-west-loop-apartments/38686/#comments Tue, 24 Mar 2015 05:02:57 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38686

JeffJack, a new luxury apartment tower, has an attractive close-to-everything West Loop location east of the expressway.

JeffJack is leasing up rapidly and is currently offering a month’s free rent on 1- and 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartments with a loft aesthetic and highly-functional floor plans.

JeffJack is a full-amenity, pet-friendly community. Floor plans are available online, and the JeffJack leasing office is open daily at 601 W Jackson.

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Crain’s deeply misleading article on Lincoln Park’s population http://yochicago.com/crains-deeply-misleading-article-on-lincoln-parks-population/38674/ http://yochicago.com/crains-deeply-misleading-article-on-lincoln-parks-population/38674/#comments Mon, 23 Mar 2015 15:41:13 +0000 Joe Zekas http://yochicago.com/?p=38674

Today’s Crain’s brings this apparently-startling statistic:

Indeed, just a few miles from the heart of the Loop lies a neighborhood that, despite a rich history, beautiful architecture and quick access to the second-largest business district in America, has lost 40 percent of its population since the middle of the last century. An area that once held 102,000 people is now home to barely 64,000.

That area is called Lincoln Park.

The fact that Chicago’s affluent North Side communities have lost so many people and aren’t gaining them back is a huge problem for many local businesses, current residents of moderate means and anyone who would like to move there but can’t afford to.

Anyone who’s familiar with the history of Lincoln Park knows that large parts of the neighborhood had fallen into slum conditions by the 1950s and 1960s. Many of its properties were overcrowded, in part due to illegal conversions, in part due to an almost complete lack of new construction from the beginning of the depression-era to the years immediately after World War II.

The City used urban renewal funds to clear some of the worst areas, including what is now Oz Park and the large townhome developments north of North Ave.

Lincoln Park’s population declined from 102,396 in the 1950 census to 57,146 in the 1980 census, a time when Lincoln Park was very much on an uptrend.

Lincoln Park’s population rose to 64,323 by the time of the 2000 census, a period when the Crain’s article would lead you to believe it was in decline. It fell, as the Crain’s article notes, between 2000 and 2010 – but only by 206 people, a drop of three-tenths of one percent. That’s a small enough decline, perhaps, to represent variances in the census-taking process.

The Crain’s article accurately reports demographic trends toward smaller household sizes and replacement of multi-unit buildings with single-family homes. From 1980 to 2010, while those trends were at their peak, Lincoln Park’s population grew by 12.1%.

Lincoln Park has retained much of its studio and 1-bedroom housing stock over the years, and moderate-income people haven’t been priced out of the neighborhood. And almost all of the high-rises that you see fronting the park in the above photo were built to attract a moderate-income population.

Added: It just occurred to me that the CHA’s deliberate depopulation of the Lathrop Homes (pdf), part of which is in Lincoln Park, accounts for more than the 206-person population decline in the neighborhood between 2000 and 2010.

Apart from Lathrop Homes, the rest of Lincoln Park gained population according to census data, continuing a decades-long trend.

http://yochicago.com/crains-deeply-misleading-article-on-lincoln-parks-population/38674/feed/ 1
The cloudy-day views from Chestnut Place apartments http://yochicago.com/the-cloudy-day-views-from-chestnut-place-apartments/38672/ http://yochicago.com/the-cloudy-day-views-from-chestnut-place-apartments/38672/#comments Mon, 23 Mar 2015 05:08:32 +0000 Joe Zekas http://yochicago.com/?p=38672

Chestnut Place, 850 N State St, is on the border of the Gold Coast and River North neighborhoods.

Chestnut Place has 1- and 2-bedroom apartments and, due to the building’s unusual configuration, all of them are corners.

Last Friday I headed for the roof of Chestnut Place to approximate the views from the higher floor apartments. The sun, as you can see, didn’t make much of an appearance during the hour I spent on the roof.

The common areas and many of the apartments at Chestnut Place are undergoing a complete makeover. New residents can opt for a renovated apartment or a “classic” apartment at a lower price-point. Floor plans and near real-time availability info can be accessed online.

Note: Chestnut Place is a YoChicago advertiser.

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Bridgeport single-families nearly sold out, rowhomes available http://yochicago.com/bridgeport-single-families-nearly-sold-out-rowhomes-available/38666/ http://yochicago.com/bridgeport-single-families-nearly-sold-out-rowhomes-available/38666/#comments Mon, 23 Mar 2015 05:06:59 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38666

Lexington Place 2 is nearing a sellout, with only two of 19 new single-family homes remaining available.

The classic Chicago-style single-family homes range in size from 3 to 6 bedrooms and offer either 2 ½ or 3 ½ baths. They’re base-priced from $519,990.

Lexington Square 3, the third phase of the successful rownhome development, still has a selection of homes available. They feature 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2 ½ or 3 ½ baths, high ceilings, hardwood floors in living areas, kitchens with ample cabinet and counter space and granite counters and islands. The homes are base-priced from $386,990.

Lexington Square 3 and Lexington Place 2 are steps from the popular Donovan Park in Bridgeport.

Join Regina of Lexington Homes for a tour in the video. You’ll find her to be a knowledgeable guide to the homes and the neighborhood.

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The outdoor living scene at Echelon at K Station http://yochicago.com/the-outdoor-living-scene-at-echelon-at-k-station/38670/ http://yochicago.com/the-outdoor-living-scene-at-echelon-at-k-station/38670/#comments Mon, 23 Mar 2015 05:04:29 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38670

Days that tease with sunshine and warm weather hint at the outdoor living fun in a Chicago summer.

The outdoor living scene starts just outside the fitness center at Echelon at K Station, a luxury apartment high-rise in the Fulton River District.

The fitness center opens to a large, landscaped, south-facing pool deck with sunny and shaded seating areas, cabanas, skyline views and a fire pit.

Neighborhood street fairs are held nearby nearly every summer weekend, and dozens of al fresco dining and drinking establishments are within a short walk.

Echelon residents also enjoy an annual summer luau and other social events held around the pool before heading to a sweeping look at the outdoor scene from their floor-to-ceiling windows and private balconies.

Echelon is a full-amenity, pet-friendly, boutique high-rise with studio to 2-bedroom apartments.

Current availabilities are limited to a single studio renting for $1,659, two one-bedrooms at $2,008 and $2,015, a two-bedroom for immediate occupancy at $3,008, and three two-bedrooms for mid-April and early May occupancy starting at $2,800.

Floor plans and near real-time rent and availability info can be accessed online.

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New apartments near the best of the West Loop http://yochicago.com/new-apartments-near-the-best-of-the-west-loop/38658/ http://yochicago.com/new-apartments-near-the-best-of-the-west-loop/38658/#comments Fri, 20 Mar 2015 05:08:59 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38658

The West Loop spans quite a bit of territory and encompasses sizzling growth in jobs, restaurants and night life. If you want to be near the best of what’s happening in the neighborhood, you’ll head for the new Circa 922 apartments before they’ve all been rented.

If you’re visiting on or after next Wednesday, March 25, you can stop in to check out the new Whole Foods slated to open that day just two short blocks from Circa 922. The recent Streeterville opening, pictured above, drew a crowd.

Circa 922 is a new, full-amenity, pet-friendly, smoke-free community with everything you’ve been looking for: high ceilings, great views, upscale finishes, private balconies, in-unit washer / dryers and a great West Loop location.

Visit Circa 922′s website for near real-time info about rents and available studio to 3-bedroom apartments and lofts. Contact the leasing office for information about currently available incentives.

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Open Sunday in Winnetka – a Greeley School 4-bedroom http://yochicago.com/open-sunday-in-winnetka-%e2%80%93-a-greeley-school-4-bedroom/38656/ http://yochicago.com/open-sunday-in-winnetka-%e2%80%93-a-greeley-school-4-bedroom/38656/#comments Fri, 20 Mar 2015 05:06:19 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38656

756 Foxdale is a home with a lot of charm and character.

The home has 4 bedrooms, 3 ½ baths and first-floor and lower-level family rooms. Front and rear sunrooms and a separate dining room are some of the spaces that enable residents to host friends while other household members go about their activities.

The home has just been listed for sale for $839,000. It will be open for viewing Sunday, March 22, 2015, from noon until 3 PM.

Join David Nadler of Related Realty for a tour in the video.

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Plan ahead if you want to rent at Halsted Flats http://yochicago.com/plan-ahead-if-you-want-to-rent-at-halsted-flats/38661/ http://yochicago.com/plan-ahead-if-you-want-to-rent-at-halsted-flats/38661/#comments Fri, 20 Mar 2015 05:04:43 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38661

Halsted Flats has been a flat-out success since it opened just over a year ago as the only full-amenity rental high-rise in Lakeview.

Only one apartment is available for immediate occupancy and only a few become available in April. You have more options if you’re looking for May 1, occupancy. If history is any guide, those apartments won’t stay available for long.

Halsted Flats is a pet-friendly, smoke-free, full-amenity luxury apartment community at 3740 N Halsted St. Management, maintenance and leasing staff are on-site, and the building has 24/7 door staff.

Floor plans and availability info for studio to 3-bedroom apartments can be accessed online.

http://yochicago.com/plan-ahead-if-you-want-to-rent-at-halsted-flats/38661/feed/ 0
Rent now to enjoy Old Town and Wells Street art fairs http://yochicago.com/rent-now-to-enjoy-old-town-and-wells-street-art-fairs/38663/ http://yochicago.com/rent-now-to-enjoy-old-town-and-wells-street-art-fairs/38663/#comments Fri, 20 Mar 2015 05:02:55 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38663

The Old Town Art Fair is one of the best art fairs in the country, and it will draw a crowd to the 250 participating artists on June 13 and 14.

The Wells Street Art Festival takes place on the same dates. The Old Town fair typically has better art while the Wells Street fair has more and better music and food.

The Old Town Art Fair is a few blocks north of the luxury apartments at 1225 Old Town and the Wells Street Art Festival is right outside the building.

1225 Old Town is a full-amenity high-rise. The building is pet-friendly, smoke-free, and has on-site management, maintenance and leasing staff, and 24/7 door staff.

Near real-time rent and availability information for 1225 Old Town can be accessed on the building’s website.

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Lincoln Park and Lakeview apartment spotlight http://yochicago.com/lincoln-park-and-lakeview-apartment-spotlight/38653/ http://yochicago.com/lincoln-park-and-lakeview-apartment-spotlight/38653/#comments Thu, 19 Mar 2015 20:03:53 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38653

Reside on North Park is in the Old Town Triangle, one of the most charming parts of Lincoln Park.

Available two-bedroom apartments have just been reduced to $2,475 a month, and Reside on North Park is also waiving its admin fee for a limited time.

The Belmont by Reside Flats has a 3-bedroom, 2-bath available just steps from Lake Shore Drive. The renovated apartment has in-unit washer / dryer, a gas fireplace, stainless steel appliances, and access to the fitness room and other amenities at the neighboring Belmont by Reside . The rent is $3,425 a month.

Irving Courts, a double-courtyard building at 718-56 W Irving Park Rd in Lakeview has a 1-bedroom garden apartment available for $1,295. The apartment has a large living room, good closet space, a dishwasher and granite counters. .

http://yochicago.com/lincoln-park-and-lakeview-apartment-spotlight/38653/feed/ 0
A partial tour of 73 East Lake’s vast amenities http://yochicago.com/a-partial-tour-of-73-east-lakes-vast-amenities/38637/ http://yochicago.com/a-partial-tour-of-73-east-lakes-vast-amenities/38637/#comments Thu, 19 Mar 2015 05:08:28 +0000 Joe Zekas http://yochicago.com/?p=38637

I visited 73 East Lake, a new apartment tower in the Loop, yesterday and toured the amenities and several furnished models.

The grand lobby is colorful and looks out on Lake St. The building has 24/7 door staff and on-site leasing and management staff directly off the lobby.

Today’s post is a partial look at the ninth-floor amenities level. There’s much more to see, but that will await another day.

The amenities at 73 East Lake are on a vast scale, rivaling any found in much larger buildings. Dip into your vocabulary for words like cavernous and baronial, and you won’t be exaggerating. I’m resorting to panoramic images, despite their distortion, to convey a clearer notion of what I saw. Click any image to display a much-larger version.

A spacious resident lounge has a wall of windows looking onto the outdoor deck. There’s a cyber café at the center of the lounge and a demonstration kitchen and a more intimate seating area at opposite ends.

The indoor pool has three walls of windows.

There’s a sculptural whirlpool and sauna and steam rooms adjacent to the pool as you enter, and a large tiled shower at the opposite end. Note the mezzanine level overlooking the pool.

The pool’s mezzanine level has a resident lounge and a fitness room, one of three on the 9th floor.

There’s a large fitness room with a variety of cardio and strength training equipment, and a separate yoga studio.

The business center has large-screen monitors and two separate conference rooms.

The media room has plush seating, and a projector to fill the screen.

The 9th floor lounge opens to a sprawling deck with gas grills, a fire pit, multiple seating areas and landscaping when the weather warms up.

73 East Lake is pet-friendly and has a private dog run. The building has convertible, 1- and 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartments available for immediate occupancy. Floor plans and contact information are available online.

Note: 73 East Lake is a new YoChicago advertiser.

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Renovated two-bedroom apartments overlooking Belmont Harbor http://yochicago.com/renovated-two-bedroom-apartments-overlooking-belmont-harbor/38642/ http://yochicago.com/renovated-two-bedroom-apartments-overlooking-belmont-harbor/38642/#comments Thu, 19 Mar 2015 05:06:44 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38642

The Belmont by Reside is a stately, recently-renovated high-rise in a convenient Lakeview East location.

The Belmont currently has a selection of 2-bedroom, 1- and 2-bath apartments available for immediate occupancy. Rents range from $2,590 to $2,701. Studio and 1-bedrooms are also available, and floor plans and rent info can be accessed online.

The Belmont has a more extensive amenities package than you’ll typically find in vintage buildings. A welcoming grand lobby sets the tone for the building.

The Belmont has a variety of resident lounge areas, a fitness center, a business center and a rooftop sundeck with views over Belmont Harbor.

Reside has 1,000s of renovated apartments in prime locations in lakefront and near-lakefront neighborhoods. The leasing office for Reside’s new State & Chestnut luxury tower is open at 873 N Rush.

http://yochicago.com/renovated-two-bedroom-apartments-overlooking-belmont-harbor/38642/feed/ 0
New Wrigleyville studios on Broadway http://yochicago.com/new-wrigleyville-studios-on-broadway/38645/ http://yochicago.com/new-wrigleyville-studios-on-broadway/38645/#comments Thu, 19 Mar 2015 05:03:01 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38645

3838 North Broadway has just undergone a complete renovation.

The first occupants are about to begin moving into the stylish new studio apartments. They’ll enjoy wood-look floors, high ceilings, sunny interiors and kitchens with granite counters and a stainless steel appliance package that includes a dishwasher and built-in microwave.

3838 North Broadway has a fitness room, on-site laundry, bicycle and resident storage rooms, ground-level retail and a soon-to-open rooftop sundeck.

The Wrigleyville / Lakeview location is close to parks, shopping, bars, restaurants, and great public transportation options.

Join YoChicago in the video for a tour of the building, the apartments and the neighborhood.

BJB Properties owns and manages 1,000s of renovated apartments in prime near-lakefront locations from Streeterville to Rogers Park.

http://yochicago.com/new-wrigleyville-studios-on-broadway/38645/feed/ 0
Gold Coast 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartments from $2,350 http://yochicago.com/gold-cost-2-bedroom-2-bath-apartments-from-2350/38621/ http://yochicago.com/gold-cost-2-bedroom-2-bath-apartments-from-2350/38621/#comments Wed, 18 Mar 2015 05:08:45 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38621

If you’re looking for a 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartment in the Gold Coast, Planned Property is the place to start.

We have a selection of 2-bedroom, 2-bath s available in four high-rise communities, starting at $2,350 a month. 1111 N Dearborn, 1133 N Dearborn and 1120 N LaSalle all have pools, and 1000 N LaSalle has a tree-shaded private dog park.

Book an appointment online for any of our Gold Coast, River North, Lincoln Park or Lakeview East apartments and you’ll receive a credit of $300 toward your first month’s rent.

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Commute from JeffJack apartments by water taxi http://yochicago.com/commute-from-jeffjack-apartments-by-water-taxi/38631/ http://yochicago.com/commute-from-jeffjack-apartments-by-water-taxi/38631/#comments Wed, 18 Mar 2015 05:06:32 +0000 sponsored post http://yochicago.com/?p=38631

The West Loop‘s new Jeff Jack apartments are just a few minutes’ walk from water taxi docking stations on the Chicago River.

Chicago Water Taxi commuter service begins March 30, and Shoreline starts in May. Destinations include LaSalle St, Michigan Ave, Navy Pier, North Ave and Chinatown.

Water taxi fares may just be the best commuting bargain in Chicago – apart from the cost-free walk from JeffJack to Loop and West Loop offices. A 10-trip Shoreline ticket is $15 and a 10-ride pass on Chicago Water Taxi is $17.50. The experience is priceless.

Jeff Jack is a full-amenity, pet-friendly community. Floor plans for the studio to 2-bedroom loft-aesthetic apartments are available online. The Jeff Jack leasing office is open daily at 601 W Jackson. Be sure to inquire about current inentives.

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