Five years on, some rents rise sharply at Kingsbury Plaza

Kingsbury Plaza was nearing completion in River North five years ago, and we reported the rent schedule: studios from $1,096, convertibles from $1,195, one-bedrooms from $1,691 and two-bedrooms from $2,602.

The starting rents for one- and two-bedroom apartments at the luxury high-rise have risen only modestly over the previous five years, up 10.6% to $1,871 for one-bedrooms and 9.3% to $2,845 for two-bedrooms.

Starting rents have soared for studios, rising 33% to $1,454 and convertibles, up a whopping 50% to $1,796.

You can see a near real-time view of what’s available for rent at Kingsbury Plaza and other River North high-rises by clicking the links in the Avail column on YoChicago’s at-a-glance apartment list and map and map.


  • marco 6 years

    I know a couple of people moving out because of the increases.

  • marco,

    But where can they go in the area for lower rent with comparable amenities, layouts, views, etc?

  • marco 6 years

    One person is buying a 1 bedroom in river north for less than rent in a full amenity building (no pool though). The other is moving to a different neighborhood. They both would have stayed if rental prices weren’t going up too much.