Frequency discount programs

Repetition is the key to effective advertising and enhanced search visibility. Advertisers earn substantial discounts from a la carte pricing when they commit to a fixed-term program, and can earn an additional 10% for pre-payment.

Program advertisers also receive near run-of-site visibility via “Featured community” photos and links on list pages, review list pages, the neighborhood index page and review pages for competing communities that are not YoChicago advertisers.

Program advertisers also receive a non-exclusive license to use YoChicago photography of their community for any purpose, including social media and excluding distribution to brokers / rental services for use in their advertising.

Premium coverage
The premium coverage program includes a YoChicago post each month and a community video.
– $200 per month, $2,160 if prepaid.

Expanded premium coverage
The expanded premium coverage program includes YoChicago posts every other week, Deals & finds and a community video.
– $350 per month, $3,780 if prepaid.

Saturation coverage
The saturation coverage program is ideal for a new community launch or re-branding / repositioning of an existing community. The program includes weekly posts for 6 months, Deals & finds, a community video and five apartment walk-through videos.
– $750 per month, $4,050 if prepaid.

Custom programs
YoChicago’s premium, expanded premium and saturation coverage programs focus on a single apartment community. Request a quote for a custom program if you have multiple apartment communities with varying needs for coverage.