Get a charge out of Parc Huron's garage

Parc Huron electric car charging stations, Chicago

To get LEED Gold certification, a development needs at least 60 credits’ worth of green things. Parc Huron earned three of those credits by installing four electric car charging stations in its 233-car parking garage. That doesn’t necessarily mean there are four electric car owners in the building, which might be a better indicator of its overall greenness, but if or when there are, they’ll have a place to tank up.

The picture above is from last week’s grand opening party at Parc Huron. The 221-unit building, located at 469 W Huron St, currently has one- to three-bedroom homes priced from from $1,900 to $4,057 a month.

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  • the urban politician 7 years

    The 233 car garage alone makes this development very far from being green, IMO.

  • Fred 7 years

    I’ve always wondered how one would go about retrofitting for parking charging stations. In a condo building, would an individual meter have to be installed for each space since they are their own legal entity? Would they be owned/paid for by the home owners association? It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out in the next couple of years.