Deal of the day: Free assessments for one year at 1310 W Ohio St

1310 W Ohio StThis rehab at 1310 W Ohio St caught Joe Askins’ eye when he toured West Town a few weeks ago. It’s located near the intersection of Ohio and Elizabeth streets, just across the street from the now-famous Whitehead-Elniski home.

Jameson Realty Group is offering incentives to both buyers and sellers for these last two units: Buyers will receive one year in paid assessments, which Boboc estimated would come out to about $110 per month, while sales agents will receive $2,000 for sales.

According to Jameson sales associate Linda Boboc, the building was first listed about a year ago, and two of the building’s six units are still available. Both of the available condos, which are on the first and third floors, face north (in the rear), which means that they both have balconies. The third-floor unit also has rooftop access.

The third-floor unit is listed in the $240s, while the one on the first floor is priced in the $230s.

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