Give us this day our daily Joeff

Photo by Joeff Davis
Photo by Joeff Davis


  • Jacob F 13 years

    Why must these pictures be entitled with reference to the Lord’s Prayer, as if these pictures are so integral a part of our daily sustenance? Was fine the first time, but it seems pretty odd after the third or fourth instance.

  • I guess, then, it’s going to seem increasingly odd to you as the days go by.

    There’s no intent to be irreverent here, just an effort to engage attention. Which, as you so aptly point out, doesn’t work for everyone.

    If we’ve offended you, we apologize. Forgive us our trespasses.

  • George 13 years

    I agree with Jacob F. The current title is inappropriate and simply out of place. I wince every time I see it. A simple “The daily Joeff” heading works better.