Gold Coast studio apartments with in-unit washer / dryers

If you’re looking for a studio apartment in the Gold Coast with an in-unit washer / dryer, you can stop looking: there aren’t any. Ditto for one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments.

All of the Gold Coast buildings were built before in-unit washer / dryers became a common amenity in rental apartments, and none of the buildings have been retrofitted to accommodate them.

If you see an ad for a Gold Coast rental building with in-unit washer / dryers you can be certain that a) it’s a bait-and-switch ad from a rental service or b) the building is not in the Gold Coast.

That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the in-unit washer / dryer to rent in the Gold Coast. You can find a very limited number of rental condos that feature this amenity. Your best bet is to work with a real estate agent affiliated with one of the major brokerage firms that participate in the local Multiple Listing Service. We recommend clients of YoChicago’s parent firm.

Most of the larger rental buildings in the Gold Coast offer valet service that will pick up and deliver your laundry. If you’re going to be hiring cleaning help, you might also ask your cleaning person to do laundry. You might find, in fact, that the cost of a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning service is less than the incremental cost of renting a newer apartment with an in-unit washer / dryer. Think of it as a free cleaning service.


  • John 6 years

    Good to know, Thanks Joe! I was actually searching endlessly the other day on the MLS for this as an in-unit washer dryer is a strict criteria for me.

  • JPW 6 years

    John and Joe,

    Chestnut Tower (121 W Chestnut) actually does in fact have In unit washer/dryer in their apartments. I have been in the building a few times. It pretty much borders Gold Coast/River North.

  • JPW

    That’s not a Gold Coast address.

    I wasn’t posting about what “pretty much borders” the Gold Coast.

  • Alex 6 years

    Sorry Joe, but I believe JPW is correct. Maybe Chestnut Tower’s website and other websites are wrong, but i know that you can be in 2 different neighborhoods at the same time, just like one can stand in 2 states at the same time. As far as I know, there are not any official boundaries for the Gold Coast. If there are, would you mind sending us the link so I can see what is and what is not considered a Gold Coast address? Assuming you are right about this one, are your sponsors over at Planned Properties falsely claiming that 1120 N lasalle and 1000 n lasalle are located in the Gold Coast then? Just curious.

    JPW did leave out 2 apartment buildings that could also be considered in the Gold Coast that do have In unit laundry. Draper and Kramer (The Chicagoan) and Village Green’s (Bernardin) websites claim that their respective buildings are each in the Gold Coast neighborhood. Are they wrong about this too?

  • Alex,

    There are, in fact, historical boundaries for the Gold Coast that go back quite a ways. You can see the boundary map at the Gold Coast Neighbors Association site.

    Until about 30 years ago the area beyond those boundaries differed substantially in character from the Gold Coast itself. Over the course of the past 30 years the immediately surrounding areas have come to resemble the traditional Gold Coast more and more, and YoChicago’s definition of the Gold Coast reflects that, and it may evolve as the area does.

    I use our boundaries when I refer to the Gold Coast, for the sake of consistency and clarity, and I linked to our boundary map in my post. Chestnut Tower is not within the Gold Coast as we consistently refer to it here.

    Several of Planned’s “Gold Coast” buildings are beyond our boundaries, and you’ll note that in a sponsored post this morning, which I wrote, I referred to 1000 N LaSalle as an “edge-of-the-Gold Coast location.”

    I wouldn’t say that Planned is making false claims or that the Bernardin or the Chicagoan are. I wouldn’t agree with those claims, and I’d call them questionable or disputable rather than false, since I don’t think most Chicagoans would agree with the claims – and the Gold Coast Neighbors Association would haughtily dispute them.

    I’d also contend that Planned has a better claim because their buildings are only a short block beyond our boundaries while Chestnut Tower, The Chicagoan and The Bernardin are further removed from them.

    Chestnut Tower and The Chicagoan make pretty soft claims to a Gold Coast location. Chestnut Tower, for example, refers to its location as “at the border of the Gold Coast and River North” and you have to dig fairly deep into The Chicagoan’s website to find a reference to the Gold Coast.