Good luck with that new construction search

Searching for new construction through real broker sites can be frustrating. Real estate agents are wildly inconsistent in how they code data about new construction properties in the Multiple Listing Service – if at all.

And then there are the real estate agents who code everything as new construction, hoping to catch the attention of buyers who are looking specifically for first-occupancy properties.

Some real estate brokers deceptively tell buyers that they’ll have full access to the MLS when they register at the broker’s site. That’s simply not true – agents have access to MLS data fields that are not available to buyers.

If you’re looking to buy new – and only new – your best bet is to find an agent who’s intimately familiar with the area you’re interested in and who is also adept at understanding the MLS data morass. Agents who concentrate enough attention on limited areas to know everything that’s happening there are few and far between. Good luck with that agent search.

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