Graffiti and grandiosity at new Ashland Avenue condos

Did you know that the 2600 block of Ashland Avenue is “the best location … a perfect place to call home?” Neither did I, until I was so informed by the over-the-top copy at the Ashland Urban website.

The website achieves a level of pretentious boasting only matched, in my experience, by the cocaine-addled copywriters for a late 1980s project in the 1600 block of Halsted.

The repetitive tag line for this development is “LIKE NO OTHER” – and I’ll grant that I don’t recall seeing another new construction condo with a master bedroom suite directly adjacent to the kitchen. One unusual modest note: the “award winning architect” is unnamed.


  • Aren’t you tired of the graffiti vandalism placed on construction site fencing? And when the fencing is gone, the selfish graffiti vandals tag up everything else.

  • SheridanB 6 years

    It’s Jeff Funke (I looked it up on his site, but it looked like his work, especially since he works around there a lot), though it reminds me (the building plans especially) of one infamous NY Architect named Scarano (doesn’t that sound like a Bond villain?).

  • muntz 6 years

    Buying new construction on a major busy street is never a good idea, even if it’s located in LP. Ashland is loud, heavily trafficked by trucks/buses, polluted, etc.

    Remember, it’s only new once. You get to customize the place to your tastes, the next buyer does not. Once you buy it, you become another member of the “great place, bad location” or ‘…too bad it’s on a busy street” to every buyers out there.