Halsted Flats has a great view of the Pride Parade

Halsted Flats, 3740 N Halsted in Lakeview East, has a full suite of amenities, including a sprawling landscaped pool deck with whirlpool, BBQ grills and multiple seating areas, a rooftop dog run, a fitness center, a resident lounge and a commercial-grade demonstration kitchen.

Come Sunday, however, residents of the rapidly-renting new building are likely to flock to the east side of the building for great views of the 45th Annual Chicago Pride Parade. The parade kicks off at noon on June 29 and passes directly in front of Halsted Flats.

If you know someone who’s living at Halsted Flats, this is an ideal time to rekindle your acquaintance. You might get lucky and have a great view of one of Chicago’s most colorful and popular events.


  • tone 4 years

    How is leasing going here?

  • tone,

    As of about 10 days ago it was over 70%, i.e. very rapid given the fact it’s only been open a few months.

  • tone 4 years

    thanks Joe, that is impressive absorption.